hurricanes are fascinating but destructive

August 28, 2005 was when the whole gulf of New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. "It was not very pleasing," said Sainab Salat a fourth grader at Bell Prarie Elementary School. She said ''If I ever go down to Florida and there would be a hurricane, I will not be very happy even if I got out alive!'' she said. She had her house got destroyed by hurricane Katrina on August 10,2005.


Hurricanes are deadly just like the ones that happened in the 1900's. The hurricanes were very destructive and cost a lot of money to rebuild. There were three hurricanes that had happened in the year of 1954. The hurricanes are scaled in 1-5 categories. Number 1 is not so bad but destructive. Number 5 is the worst hyrricane there is possible to happen.


Hurricanes are large storms with low pressure winds and large clouds,strong winds and heavy rain. They are almost up to 404miles (650 kilometers) wide. Hurricane winds are often 99mph (160kilometers) and can reach up to 186 miles (300kilometers) per hour some times. All the wind speeds can produce huge waves up to 33feet (10 meters) high that can completely devour a ship. Hurricanes normally form in the seas that are close to the equator. The middle of a hurricane is called the eye.


Hurricanes can tare down bildings as tall as the Twin Towersin minutes The hurricanes temperature to form is normally 27 degrees celsius and (80.5 degrees F). Winds can go up to 125mph. Hurricanes destroy and tare down houses and pick up cars and throw them far away.


Sainab Salat is a forth grader at Bell Prairie Elementary school and she says ''hurricanes are deadly storms that can happen in Texas,Florida and other places along the sea.'' said Sainab Salat. she also said that ''hurricane Katrina is the worst hurricane in the Earth's history. It happened on August 28,2005'' she said.
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