Spread a little Christmas Cheer!


Merry and Bright!

I hope you are feeling Merry and Bright this Christmas season! Decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping, parties, and all that goes along with this wonderful season can get a little overwhelming.

We've enjoyed shopping as a family for our Christmas Angel. We've attended an incredible Christmas performance by Christian recording artists Erica Lane and Rachael Mann. And, we will be enjoying our church Christmas program tomorrow night. Regarding decorating... I must admit, I've been extremely minimal in my decorations this year. We definitely still have much to get done in the next week!

Take care of yourself during this holiday season! Check your Thrive "stash" and get your order in for any items you need to keep rocking along in great health and full of energy this holiday season. Seriously, being healthy and energetic is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Make sure you check out the info below on our #Thrive4Tots campaign. Get your wearable nutrition and donate to a great cause.



PS... enjoy one of our crazy Elf yourself videos by clicking below. In addition to premium nutrition... a good laugh can do a body good!

Killoughs Elfing Around 2015

*****Premium Nutrition Tip*****

While the best results come by combining the 1-2-3 (capsules, mix, dft) system. Your health will be greatly benefited by just using one item consistently. Which product(s) you choose are up to you and your needs. CLICK HERE to read more about Thrive Premium Nutrition Products. Or... call me and let me answer any questions you have.
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Le-Vel will be making a donation of $5 for every limited edition holiday DFT pack sold. This donation will go to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Toys for Tots Program.
#Thrive4Tots - Limited Edition Holiday DFT

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