Vote for the Columbian Exchange

By: Mackenzie Harrison

Why is the Columbian Exchange important?

You know how most grown ups love a cup of coffee in the morning? Well, that wouldn't be possible without the Columbian Exchange. Without the Columbian Exchange, we wouldn't get coffee beans from Europe to make coffee. We wouldn't have horses to round up cattle, which is ANOTHER thing that Europe/Asia gave us. Without the Columbian Exchange, we wouldn't have a lot of things that we do have now. That's why I want you to vote for the columbian exchange.
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"Although"s and "But"s

Although the columbian exchange brought deseases and illnesses, it also brought us food, animals, and supplies that we didn't have but now, we do! If you don't vote for the columbian exchange, it might be harder to wake up in the morning. Please choose wisely.


Some positives were that each country had what they needed and could make and create new things and experiment with the new foods. We can get new items, a bigger variety of foods and other things that might help us later on in life. I mean, Einstein created the light bulb after like a billion tries, so I'm pretty sure we can come up with something if we put our minds to it. These are some positives that come from the columbian exchange.


Some negatives are that the Europeans did send diseases and illnesses and weeds that the natives couldn't fight off. Millions of natives died over the years because they didn't have the imunite or cure for these diseases or illnesses.