By: Bethany Tuma

What to know

There are many types of fishing. just to name a few there is freshwater, saltwater, and deep sea. After you read this you will know everything you need to know about fishing. "According to the DNR, You will need to know kinds of fish, what kind of bait to use with what type of fish, tackle and equipment, and competitions/ fishing derby." To enjoy fishing you should know about how to catch different kinds of fish.


In Florida, Freshwater Fishing has over 3 million acres of lakes and ponds. Approximately 12,000 miles of streams, and canals of no closed seasons. The fishery resources in these waters alone provide more than 1.2 million of anglers annually (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 1). Here are some freshwater species: American Eel, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Florida Gar, Yellow Bullhead, White Bass, and many more.


" They stated, you can fish offshore or on water. Anywhere you go for Saltwater fishing you'll almost catch anything every time you go. Fish in saltwater fishing are always biting." Which means if you don't catch something in salt water you can always go freshwater or deep sea fishing too.

Deep Sea

Deep Sea fishing can be dangerous. When you usually go deep sea fishing you usually go on a boat with a crew captain. You will catch very big fish. "In Florida you can go out fishing all day and come back with a BIG bucket full of fish." said the author of Clear Water Fishing.

Kinds Of Fish

Well first thing, first. There are way too many fish to name off. There are over 28,000 species of fish in the world. Fish are the oldest vertebrates in the world. The fish is supposed to be found about 500 million years ago. These are the aquatic vertebrates, typically cold- blooded. Fish breathe will gills which preform gases between the fishes blood and water. And that causes the bubbles.

Tackle/ equipment

Any type of fishing you do, you always have to have a fishing pole. Big or small, it will work for the fishing you're doing. A lot of people usually use lures or hook and bait. That's the most common tackle. Ice fishing you can use tip ups. Tip ups are usually used catch bigger fish. You put your bait on, and when you got a fish, the flag goes up. Then you usually see people running as fast as then can to their tip up.


There are different types of bait for different kinds of fishing. For freshwater fishing the most common baits are worms, crayfish, minnows, bait fish, leaches, insects, grubs, and muscle clams, waxies, and different kinds of jigs and lures.

The most common baits for saltwater fishing are shrimp, cut bait, clams, other small fish, sand fleas, and crabs.

Kevin B. the author of "What kinds of Bait" says "The most common baits for deep sea fishing are shellfish, worms, seaweed, and squid." (#4).

Competitions/ fishing Derby

There aren't a lot of summer fishing contests that I know of. The most common ones my family goes to are the ice fishing contests. In 2005 Bethany Tuma's family family went to a fishing contest and she caught a crappie, and won $375.00 and that same year at Dodge, she took 2nd place and won $75.00 It's all a great experience. You all should go out and try it sometime.