Room 3 News

Mrs. McCarthy

Week of December 6th, 2015

This is "B" week. All books from the media center need to be turned in by Tuesday, December 8th.

*Thank you to Valerie Charat and Kimia Othick for hosting our Fall Program. It was nice to see siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends join us for the "winter" experience.

Language Arts - This week's skills

Comprehension Skill: Make and Confirm Predictions: When readers make a prediction, they use story words, pictures, and what they already know to figure out what will happen next. Parent Information Predictions Informacion en espanol: Predicciones

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze Story Structure: Every story is put together carefully by the author. A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Phonics: -ide, ike, -ine

Spelling Words: call, funny, how, more, so, there, mine, shine, bike, like, ride, hide

Dictation: Can a bike or a kite make you smile? I like to take big bites of rice.

Grammar: Present-Tense Verbs: Action can happen now, in the present, or in the past. Verbs that tell about now are present-tense verbs.

High Frequency Words: call, funny, how, more, so, there

Robust Vocabulary: connection, support, possessions, relief, typical

Eureka Math

Students continue to learn decomposition strategies for subtraction.

Students learn strategies for solving word problems.

Parent Connection for Module 1 see pages 38-43 as a reference to what your child is working on.


All organisms have external parts that they can use to capture and convey information to help them survive and grow.