Onondaga Vision For A Clean Lake

Authors: Dorie 57 and Jess 59

What is a vison

A Vision is an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind


http://www.oei2.org/MSGuide/The Haudenosaunee believed that the lake should be clean of all pollution. http://www.onondaganation.org
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This is the lake with the pollution spots. As you can see the north side is better then the south side.
The Haudenosaunee thought this place was sacred to them. It was where they buried their weapons of war.
The Onondaga Nation's Vision For A Clean Lake has a similar structure as the Thanksgiving Address. http://ww.onondaganation.org

What is the Thanks Giving Address?

The Thanksgiving Address is also called "the words that come before all else"


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The Onondaga Nation will continue working to meet the needs of it's people and to heal relationships with it's neighbors. http://www.onondaganation.org