Sunset Feeder Excellence

September 14-18, 2015

School Visits

Thank you all for your diligence to our work! We are excited about the growth taking place in our classrooms and the new to profession daily supports. We are off to another GREAT start and I look forward to our visits this week!

Thank you for all that you do every day.


Classroom Visits (New to Profession emphasis and Tiers)/TEI Review

Please be sure you have given me permission to access your Outlook calendar. I would like to visit during mutually available times as possible. I will make the schedule at least one week in advance as possible. Please provide your input at our feeder meeting tomorrow.

New to Profession for all campuses/New Principals spots

Experienced Principals should send me their area of focus the week prior by Wednesday afternoon for the upcoming week

Monday (14) Kahn, Hulcy Principals Meeting at 1:00 (AP Focus Group 4-6 Haskell)

Tuesday (15) Winnetka, Rosemont Lower

Wednesday (16) Peabody, AJES

Thursday (17) Rosemont Upper, Sunset

Friday (18) Greiner, Lida Hooe

Reminders of Best-Practices/Requirements

Review pertinent district policies and define campus processes...

  • TEI Scorecard Sense-making- Preparation for Discussion with each teacher
  • Principal Handbook (All principals should have reviewed for updates annually)
  • Compliance Videos for campus through Region X
  • Field Trips- Please be sure field trip sponsors keep a file of all permission forms for each student.
  • September/October Events- send to Erica
  • Weekly Newsletters- please send me a copy each week
  • SBDM- ensure you are conducting the process for leadership and are aware of the legal requirements, Keep Agendas and Signature of Attendees
  • Campus SST Leadership for CAP, Keep Agendas and Signature of Attendees
  • PTA Agendas
  • Campus Health Advisory Committee- ensure the campus committee process
  • Year At A Glance- do you have a master calendar to ensure all events such as fundraisers and field trips?

Week Four

Assistant Principal Rubric-

Per your request, we are meeting with Assistant Principals on Wednesday at 4:00- Sunset High School to highlight and provide sense-making with the implementation of the assistant principal rubric. Please be prepared to assist me with reviewing the components to ensure we are calibrated with our expectations and implementation of supports.

Marquees/Office/Phone Greeting- Are your marquees current? Office hours posted and customer service friendly? Do you have a phone message that needs to be updated?

Activity Funds/Budget- Have your reviewed the prior budget to determine refinements or projected expenses based upon your priorities/Campus Action Plan? Does your action plan reflect the previous year's spending needs? *New principals, ensure your activity fund audit is completed before any transactions begin this year.

Classroom Visits

Spots- How would you utilize your current classroom data to determine Tiers of support? Using the rubric, how would you rate your feedback for your AP using the principal rubric/assistant principal rubric? Have your teachers/staff had input into Tiered supports? How do they prefer to receive feedback?

*Remember to bring a copy of the TEI, Principal and Assistant Principal rubric to my visits. Additionally, the administrator(s) should be able to discuss the alignment of the LO/DOL to the rigor in which assessed (i.e. administrator should be able to utilize an app, TEA website or hard copy of SE's/TEKS and discuss how this SE/TEK is assessed in ACP, STAAR, EOC, etc.).

Assistant Principal Rubric- Please reference the AP rubric during each of your calibrations and meetings with AP's.

TEI- Have you completed the necessary certification requirements through TEI for your AP's? See email from me. Please let me know if you need my assistance (due by the end of this week). Principals should ensure the completion of Component 3 with each new assistant principal that did not appraise last year.

Below are the requirements for fulfilling Component 3. Please call me and/or email with additional questions.

Principal Rubric- Please ensure you have a copy for our visits.

New to Profession- What daily support is received? Weekly? Monthly?


Secured Doors, Food Services, textbooks, ensure no vacancies, plan for unexpected teacher absences/substitutes, schedules, TA, special programs in place/effective/IEP's/Accommodations, transportation/special needs transportation, construction, etc.

Need Help?

  • Susie (214-240-6223)
  • Erica Rosas (Division One Sunset/Carter Administrative Assistant- also assists with parent phone calls/concerns from the campus, field trips, fundraisers, etc.)

TEI Calibration for New Supervisors (Principals and AP's that were not a supervisor last year)

Please review the district's TEI DNA regulation and local policy. You should remind your assistant principals of the mandated requirements and timelines (each AP should have a plan to present to you to ensure their teachers are supported in meeting deadlines and provided professional development. Currently, you should be supporting with SLO's and Professional Development Plans which are required by October 1st.

Please note that you must provide and document training and supports for new teachers through out the school year within 15 days (see policy/regulation above)

15 Spot Observations

  • Fifteen (15) spot observations will be completed within the first three weeks of the 2015-2016 school year.
  • These spot observations will not be considered as evidence for teachers’ evaluations and will not be recorded in Schoolnet.
  • Administrators will complete paper-based spot observation forms; their supervisors will monitor the completion and provide feedback on the feedback. Principals should be monitoring Schoolnet entries and feedback meetings to ensure quality of feedback.
  • Principals should review AP plans and timeframes to ensure completion through-out the school year.

3 Joint Spot Observations

  • Three (3) of the fifteen (15) spot observations will be completed jointly with the Executive Director (ED) or another administrator who is identified as “certified” in the spot observation process (e.g., a certified building administrator may fill this role for a newly-hired assistant principal).

1 Joint Feedback Conference

  • The ED (or another certified administrator) will observe one (1) spot observation and follow-up teacher conference, completed by the new administrator.
  • At the conclusion of the observation and follow-up teacher conference, the ED (or another certified administrator) will provide feedback to the new administrator using the Feedback Rubric (a component of the DISD Mid-Year Review Rubric).
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Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

Last year, our feeder chose Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind to utilize as a resource for our campuses. What actions or resources are available to support increased engagement and student culture? What leadership opportunities are available for students?

Special Programs

When we visit, please be prepared to discuss your celebrations and refinements of your campus special education, 504, dyslexia, bilingual and Gifted Programs. Remember district resources are available and MLEP has a calendar of trainings to support new teachers.

You will need to provide a review of special education current staffing and how it does or does not meet your campus needs. Please work with your team to determine IEP requirements are met with the staff you have been allotted. If you are unable to do so such as with additional students, you must contact special education compliance immediately. As communicated, I will need a preliminary review at our principal meeting on Monday.

*Reminder, a 5-Day ARD notice to sending and receiving administrators is required. If you do not receive a notice from another district campus, please make me aware of the situation immediately.

LPAC 20 day deadline is approaching- please ensure sense-making with all staff. All faculty/staff should be aware of the process and opportunities for input/collaboration of supports/needs. I must sign denials and I require a copy of the LPAC indicating that you have reviewed the legally required benefits of the program. There is a limit to the percentage of denials for each campus prior to sanctions. Please review all denials at your campus and update me during my visits with your processes of support. You must ensure that language proficiency testing has been completed in the system for each student which indicated a language other than English on the Home Language Survey within 20 days of enrollment.


Please remember to have TEI rubrics printed for each evaluator. Also, we ask the assistant principal who supervises the teacher to be present (AP's should have the AP rubric with them) and principals (principal rubric). Additionally, we will use the spot forms.

All supervisors should be able to access curriculum while in the classroom. Supervisors should be able to discuss how each standard is assessed at the particular grade level (state and ACP).

Apps available:

Lead4ward, TEKS

STAAR released exams to determine level of rigor as assessed

Welcome Sunset AF Team! (Please note ELAR change.) We are excited to continue with Mr. Padgett and welcome Yesenia Martinez (Marla Smith is an AP at Greiner!).


Mike Padgett- Math

Yesenia Martinez- ELA


Stephanie Blackmon- Math

Michael Gragert- ELA

Please ensure you have met with your AF's to ensure alignment of supports based upon your CAP needs. I will ask for your update at my visit this week. The principal should share the campus action plan needs and determine a support plan with the AF. The AF should share available supports given our feeder resources (and new structure) and determine collaboration dates with the principal.


Please review our norms developed last year for our principal PLC and feel free to provide edits using the Googledoc. We will revisit your input at our next meeting. Additionally, consider team, classroom student and campus teacher norms.

Site-Based Decision Making Requirements (Local and State)

Please read requirements which includes committee membership processes and training (see website).

New To Profession- On the Job Training Ideas

Please remember we purchased the team mats as a feeder and each campus has a set of at least 10. As you provide collaboration for new teachers, consider using the mats to support their understanding in your PD. Additionally, as you provide on the job coaching, you should consider carrying tools such as the mats and/or higher order question stems (some campuses create a ring with reminder cards for each classroom). (See team mats, your CIC should have these on campus)

Feeder Kudos!

*Professional Development in which the faculty score the principal's meeting with TEI spot rubric

*Compliment/Suggestion/Concern box

*Heat map of Faculty Needs utilizing district expectations

*Tiering of all Teachers and obtaining input from faculty/staff on how to best support each Tier

*CILT peer spots for needs assessment of campus

*New to Profession Principal and Teacher Mentoring by Peers

Please continue to share!

Sunset Feeder Leveling Friday, September 18 Haskell First Floor

Please note your leveling appointment. As communicated, review BAUI and ensure you address any discrepancies. At our meeting on Monday, September 14, I would like for your to provide me an overview of your enrollment and staffing. Also, note that actual enrollment is the primary determination for staffing this year.

1:00 PM Hooe ES Sumrall, Brittany Rodriguez, Fernando Villalpando, Suzanne

1:30 PM Jones ES Sumrall, Brittany Herrera, Alberto Villalpando, Suzanne

2:00 PM Kahn ES Sumrall, Brittany Marquez, Monica Villalpando, Suzanne

2:30 PM Peabody ES Sumrall, Brittany Rogers-Hall, Sherri Villalpando, Suzanne

3:00 PM Rosemont C V Semos ES Sumrall, Brittany Moon, Rachel Villalpando, Suzanne

3:30 PM Rosemont ES Sumrall, Brittany Moon, Rachel Villalpando, Suzanne

4:00 PM Winnetka ES Sumrall, Brittany Garduno, Lourdes Villalpando, Suzanne

1:00 PM Sunset HS Hardee, Lateesha Martinez, Luz Villalpando, Suzanne

1:30 PM Greiner MS Ontiveros, Jennifer Rojas, Yvonne Villalpando, Suzanne

Campus Action Plans

Please send me your updated CAP with the template provided at the training and collaboration this past week. Feel free to contact me for additional support, if needed. Additionally, remember your SST committee (see email) should review and provide input into the plan/Campus Needs Assessment (CNA).