Non For Sale

With Non You're The Boss

What is non?

Hey teens! Do your parents ever make you mad? Do you need something to help you rebel? Well we have it here! Non is a prefix that means opposite of and with it you can be nonathletic, nonbasic, noncivilized, and so many more!!!

How does Non work

Non is just a prefix, which means you can put it in front of practically every adjective and become the rude and rebellious teenager you want to be.

What's the difference?

Non isn't like any other old prefix! It's 99.9% better!!! Non is not like pro and good and extra and ir and mal non is guranteed sucsess or youll get your money back within 30 days!!!

A true story

Non was born in Chatum New Jersey in a serene home. Non was created when a little baby with red hair was born. Because if you didnt know everytime a gingers born so is a prefix and the parents nonchalantly left the baby in a box in the street. And then a nother red head girl found she took her in and made her feel nonhated. The little redhead girl named julianne named her non. But then Julianne moved to Texas and left non behind with her parents. Her parents were terrible and always told her what to do and non found that she had powers to change her personality into a bossy person everyone feared. Now non Is selling her legendary powers to you! ;)

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1/4 of teens recommend non over any other prefix!!! And it's also been said that Non relives stress!

Call 1-800-NON

If your interested In this limited time offer call today for a low price of $7777777. And remember non brings a happy nonchalant nonparent life!!! Call today!