Montgolfier Brothers

Balloon Brothers

They were born on ....

As for Michel, he was born on August 26,1740, Etienne was born on January 6, 1745.

Their family was ...

Their dad was Pierre Montgolfier. Their mom was Anne Duret, their family had 16 kids.

The montgolfier brothers never married, never had any kids.

They died on ...

Joseph died on June 2,1810 he lived 70 years,his brother Jacques died on Augest 2,1799 , he lived 54 years.

The idea

At first they helped their father with their paper factory.

They first got the idea when they watched paper float in the air when they burned paper.Then they started a fire with wet wool and straw in side they held a fine silk bag over it and let it go it shot up and hit the sealing then it came down.they repeated this outside it went up into the air then went down, that configured their idea. At first they thought that the thicker the smoke the greater the lifting force,but they were wrong ,it was the really the heat. They made a huge balloon and started a gigantic fire they put and demonstrated it in public.Then did it again for King Louis XVI with a sheep, roster, and duck as it's passengers. Then they repeated it again with Pilatre de Rozier and Marquis d'Arlandes