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Feral pigs & Potential Effects

Do feral pigs have an effect nationwide?

Feral pigs do effect nationwide. The damage in the United States to agriculture and the environment currently stands at $1.5 billion annually. Feral pigs damage forests and are a threat to native wildlife and the environment.

Feral pigs and local effects.

Just like all over the United States, the effects that feral pigs have locally are the same. They damage crops, forests, and can harm farm animals.

$52 million in agriculture damages each year in Texas!

Feral pigs carry diseases!


1. It’s possible to to identify the breed of a given feral hog by its color markings

2. Recreational hunting alone can’t control feral hog populations

3. Actual number of feral hogs in the state of Texas…. no known actual number

4. They are not native to the land

5. They are not solely located in Texas, OK, FL, and many other southern states.


1. Can spread deadly diseases to both animals and humans.

2. $52 million in agriculture damages each year in Texas alone

3. Foul water sources for native wildlife and humans.

4. Females are capable of having 2 litters per year

5. 60 to 70 percent of the population would have to be removed annually