by: Colleen Thake

Career Research Requirements

Job description
Analyze financial information and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability or other financial records.
Daily tasks/Responsibilities
Prepare, examine, or analyze accounting records, financial statements, or other financial reports to assess accuracy.
Education and training
Bachelors degree in accounting. On -the-job training and/or vocational training
Preferred job skills
Active listening,mathematics, reading and writing, and critical thinking.
Job outlook
Faster than average 9% to 13% job opening 498,000
Work environment
Need to know the various computer programs and need to know how to use a spread sheet and know the accounting equation. Also need to know where the money is going and where it is coming from.
Average salary
average $32.30 hourly, 67,190 annual
High school preparation requirements
Related courses
Accounting one and two, economics any math class.
Extra-curricular activities
The math team would help me because I need to know how to do math in order to become an accountant.
Work experience
Working at a restaurant could also help me because I could see how they spend their money on things. I would build math skills and people skills.
Mrs.Kueth, she is my accounting teacher and she has helped me learn new things about accounting made me want to become an accountant even more. Agnes Rodrigues is my second reference she works at Capegemini. She is in my family and I chose her because she used to be a senior accountant before she started to work at Capegemini. Katie Landa is also in my family and she is an auditor at price water house. I picked her because she is another reason why I want to become an account because she has also taught me things about finance.
Post-secondary plan requirements
I chose the four year college plan. My first college I listed was Marquette university, 33 credits are needed for a bachelors degree in accounting. Some of the classes are, Accounting communication,intermediate accounting, advanced accounting, business law. Admission rate is 57%, average GPA is 3.81 and average SAT score is 1916. The second college i chose was Wisconsin school of business, a minimum of 18 credits is needed for accounting. The courses are very similar to the ones at Marquette. admission rate is 51%, average GPA is 3.81, average SAT score is 1916.
After high school I plan on going to college to get my bachelors for accounting. I want to take as many accounting classes as I possibly can. I also want to get some hands on experience before getting a job. I would like to get a job as soon as possible after I graduate college.