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April 14, 2022

Corron Mission Statement

Corron is a safe, warm and inviting community where all are valued and empowered. We celebrate growth. Clear evidence highlights the impact we have academically, socially and emotionally.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, April 15


Monday, April 18

Elementary Intra-District Transfer/Waiver requests ends online at 4:00 pm

April 25 - June 1

Returning Student Online Registration

Wednesday, April 27

Early release day for elementary students at 2:10 pm

(AM kindergarten released at 10:30 am)

Wednesday, May 25

Last Day of School

From the Secretary

It is not too late to register your upcoming kindergartener! Please share with new families in the neighborhood.

Online 2022-2023 Kindergarten Enrollment

See link for information:

Returning Student Registration for 2022-2023 begins online on April 25th at 9:00 am

Please complete by June 1st so that your child can be accounted for at Corron. If your child will be moving please let the office know as soon as possible by calling 331-228-6900 or email Thank you!

Mother's Day Craft Bag Sale for Charity

Four of our 5th grade girls are selling Mother's Day craft bags to the students at Corron. They have put together bags filled with materials to make a present for their mom, grandma, or aunt. There will be three craft levels to choose from. They will be holding this sale the week of April 25-29 from 7:45-3:00. Each craft bag is $1.00 and all proceeds will go to Cal's Angels charity.
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An important message from your school health office

Every year cases of head lice are found in our community. Anytime children come together, particularly at the start of a school year, the cases of identified head lice rises. In an effort to assist parents and guardians increase their awareness regarding head lice prevention, detection, and treatment, we encourage you to reference the Health Services portion of the D303 Website for information regarding the control and management of head lice in our schools.

Anyone can get head lice. Head lice is primarily transmitted through direct head-to-head contact. Lice can also be transmitted from sharing hats, brushes, and other personal items. Transmission in the school setting is rare according to the CDC. More commonly, children get head lice from siblings, playmates, and from sharing pillows at pajama parties. Although transmission in schools is rare, identification is often made in the school setting. It is important for parents to know that head lice are a problem in many communities and do not reflect poor hygiene or social status. Most importantly, parents are integral in the prevention and detection of head lice in their children. To prevent the spread of this communicable condition, please check your child (ren) regularly for evidence of lice. If you should discover a case of head lice, please notify your child’s health office as well as their outside activity directors. You may also consider alerting the parents of your child’s recent playmates, as this is the best way to protect the community from an outbreak.

The district approach to lice management in the school settings is outlined for you on the website previously mentioned. This approach is based on scientific and medical evidence that supports the education process. With regard to preventative treatment, parents are encouraged to seek

guidance from their health care provider prior to using any treatment options. Since mass school screenings do not reduce the incidence of head lice in our settings, such screenings are not conducted in our schools. Research clearly indicates that a "no lice" "no nit" policy for schools hinders academic attendance and performance, while doing little to change the incidence of lice in a school setting. It is important to keep in mind that the life cycle of a louse is 3 to 4 weeks, therefore, by the time live lice are identified in a student, they have had an infestation for many days and they have been in a variety of settings in the community during this timeframe. If a cluster of cases is identified in one classroom, the health office will send a letter home to parents to notify them of these findings.

Like so many health matters, prevention is key. Teach your child to avoid head to head contact with friends and to avoid the sharing of personal items such as hairbrushes and hats. Those messages are reinforced in school as well. The nurses in the health office maintain strict confidentiality on all student concerns, and therefore, we are not at liberty to share personal student information on this matter. We thank you in advance for partnering with us to prevent the spread of lice among children.

Health Services

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New Illinois Law

In accordance with legislation passed last year, the school district will begin providing free menstrual products to students and staff. New dispensers have now been installed in all bathrooms at Corron Elementary School so that students can access these products discreetly. Feminine hygiene products are also available in the school nurses’ office.

Corron Courtyard

Volunteers are needed to clean up and update the Corron Courtyard. Please reach out to the office if you are interested at 331-228-6900.

Crossing Guard

We are in need of a crossing guard for Thornwood Way and Thornwood Drive. Our previous guard left for another position. Please see the posting on the district website if you are interested in the position.

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Spring Chess Scholars

Summer Camps

Please see info for the summer camp page.

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I Heart Art Summer Camp

TMS Summer Camps

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D303 is looking for Substitute Nurses!

Do you have a friend, neighbor or relative who has a nursing license

and is looking for work?

A D303 substitute nurse has a flexible schedule, an opportunity use their nursing skills

and work in any of our 18 district school buildings.

Many former D303 substitutes have gone on to become district employees.

Please share the following contact information:

Juanita Gryfinski, Dept Chair, D303 Health Services at 331-228-3834 or

Kristen Pozna, District Substitute Coordinator at 331-228-4924 or

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Health Office Contact Information

Any concerns or paperwork that needs to be turned into the Health Office can be sent to this updated email address: