Early Learning Abilities

By: Jazmin Leon, Lizette Rios, & Honeida Leon

Signs of Intellectual Growth

  • First year of life babies develop four abilities.

Remembering Experiences- Develop ability to remember.

Making Associations- Baby Associates a parent or other receiving comfort.

Understanding Cause and effect- they develop cause and effect.
*Ex. Baby pulling on toy makes noise.

Paying Attention- It's the time that a person can concentrate on a task without getting bored.

Stimulating the Senses

The child's senses of touch and taste is routinely grabbed as the baby is being changed and fed.

  • If the baby does not grave something they are usually looking at people moving or at object being moved.

  • Babies respond to bright colors with smiles on their faces and large eyes.

  • Babies recognize family voices. Talking, reading, singing, and humming are wonderful ways to help baby recognize voice and help develop their language.

  • Touch is one of the important ways to communicate love with the babies.

Concept Development

Concept- is a general category of object and information.

Baby cause and effect