Hope's Winter Break!

A Wacky Tacky Time of Wonder

Why was it Wacky?

To say the slightest, this winter break was odd.

Mixed into this time of usual cheer, there was turmoil for me.

Due to deciding to leave my old school, and panicking over being in a new one this time was weird.

My family has many traditions for Christmas day, however they were very different this year. Usually my family always has a late lunch, for our Christmas meal, usually around two. However this time, it was an evening meal, at about seven, due to my brother-in-law since he worked, until six. With our tradition being broken, my grandmother was in a fuss a certainly quite messed up about our odd arrangements that day. However for Christmas my family always draws a name of another family member, and its a secret exchange of one present, that's under about $25 dollars. So we proceeded with this tradition and my grandmother had bought me boots, which I love. Christmas was definitely fun.

The next day I got to go see my brother, who is currently in rehab. We (My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and me) had fun in the five hours we had with him. My sister made us all burritos for while we were there with him. We had a great time of fun and a good healthy time of real talk.

On New Years I went to Sky Zone with my best friends and had a blast. It was the most fun I had in a long time. It was the best time in a long time to say the least, and added cheer and happiness to my very weird and strange time. To say the least, it brightening up my whole winter break. Leaving it not so wacky, but instead a time happiness and a transition of hope.