Hackberry Howl

Vol. 1 No.19

Great job this week with BENCHMARKS!

We appreciate your flexibility as we worked out the logistics of different grades testing; we appreciate your willingness for those that had to trade rooms for several days; and we appreciate your efforts to keep our hallways quiet and test friendly.

It truly takes a village, and it’s our “ALL FOR ONE” attitude that sets us apart!

Together we are LOBO STRONG!


Recommended Reading

Who Owns the Learning-Alan November

Learn how to harness students' natural curiosity to develop them into self-directed learners. Discover how technology allows students to take ownership of their learning, create and share learning tools, and participate in work that is meaningful to them and others. Real-life examples illustrate how every student can become a teacher and a global publisher. The embedded QR codes link to supporting websites.


- Read real-life examples that illustrate how technology is revolutionizing instruction and learning.
- Develop techniques that will enable your students to own and direct their learning.
- Discover hidden opportunities to create your own Digital Learning Farm communities.


Name? Ruth Morales

Birthday? December 21st

Hometown? Riverside, California

Current Hackberry position? 5th Grade Bilingual

Where did you attend College and what is your degree(s)? California State University of San Bernardino & University of North Texas.

MS International Sustainable Development

BA Spanish Language & Literature

BA Hispanic Cultures & Civilizations

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Ms. Lauri will forever be my favorite teacher. She inspired me to write poetry, even create my own anthology when I was still learning to speak English (which I keep in my classroom). She motivated me like no other.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’d love to be a Latin Dance instructor some day! (but yea right) I plan to be a University Professor in the future.

Do you have children?

Not yet.

Do you have pets?

I have a black and tan tabby. His name is Manu, and he is a terribly spoiled. He even has a better diet than I.

Favorite Color?

I love green in the summer, and grey in the winter.

Do you have a favorite Quote or Saying?

I have two.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Malcolm X.


"Los científicos dicen que estamos hechos de átomos, pero a mi un pajarito me contó que estamos hechos de historias." - Eduardo Galeano

Which very roughly translates to, “Scientists say we are made of atoms, but a little bird told me we are made of stories.”

Where is the farthest place you have ever traveled?

I’ve travelled between Canada and Costa Rica. I plan to finally visit the Old World next summer.

Favorite food?

Sushi, pizza, and anything my mom makes!

Hobbies or Activities/organizations you are active in?

Dancing, music, travel, and watching foreign films.

Accomplishments or Honors you have achieved that you are proud of?

My academic ones are what I’m most proud of. I graduated Summa Cum Laude.


  • Quickwrites involve asking a question, giving people a set amount of time for responding (usually between one to ten minutes), and either hearing or reading the responses. The quickwrite can be modified endlessly, depending on circumstances. Quickwrites encourage critical thinking warm-ups: use the quickwrite at the start of a class to get students focused on a new concept, or the material from last class, or preparatory reading material, etc. Student-directed quickwrites: have students lead the quickwrite session, having prepared a question in advance and thought through a method for fielding the responses. Class-closers: as with the warm-ups, use the quickwrite to prompt reflection through summary, synthesis, explanation, a question.

Lobo Howls

Ms. Moya gives a HOWL to Mrs. Lay for been such a Great and Unique Helper in my family live last week!

Tom gives a howl to the Specials team and fourth grade for the parent meeting last night

acklyn- for sharing awesome web-based resources!!!

Domenica gives a howl to Patti for being an amazing problem solver and friend! I love the days when you're on our campus!!!

Kristan Jones Howls to Paul Beaty for not only using the daily review in reading, but he took one area and expanded it. He realized his students didn't understand idioms (part of Figurative Language Monday is "Idiom of the Week"); so he taught a mini-lesson, then turned it into a small group rotation/station!! AWESOME...SOOO many best practices in good use here!!!!

Kristan Jones gives Miller, Moilan, and Locke a HARD WORK Howl!!! Their data documentation on TWO students lead these students' folders to get ALL 4's from the DIRT.... An amazing (but now proven possible) accomplishment!!! WAY to GO!!!

Domenica gives a howl to the 3rd grade teachers- thanks for sharing your chromebooks during RenStar testing! You're all amazing!!!

Domenica gives a howl to Marte- for being an inspiring teacher! It was touching to see how proud your students were after viewing their RenStar results. So much growth!!!! Way to go!!!

Domenica gives a howl to. Swartz- the new furniture is fantastic! The students love working in the flex learning spaces. It feels like Christmas at Hackberry!!!

Tom gives a howl to Kristan Jones for giving the brush up for RTI

Ms. Nothcutt gives Mrs. Wagner a huge howl for a great 4th grade performance.

Ms. Nothcutt gives all the hall monitors a howl for helping out with benchmark testing.

Karla gives a howl to VANESSA LAY for doing an awesome job helping me cover the office while we were 4 short last Friday.

Karla gives a howl to the specials team for a very CUTE performance on Tuesday night.

Karla gives a howl to our new cafeteria manager, Irene. She has shown to do "Whatever It Takes" for our students at Hackberry. Welcome to our HB Family!

Erin ​gives a Huge howl to Pam and Kelsey for all you help with the Hoe Down! It was great working with you both the past few weeks! ​

Ruth gives a Howl to Mrs. Cruz for going above & beyond in my classroom. Its very appreciated! :)

Hatcher would like to send a howl to Callie for watching my class when I had to leave school sick.

Holly gives a howl to Mrs. Silva for always trying to keep me positive and helping me see good!

Jaclyn gives a Howl to the Spunky fans in Ms. Martins Pre-K class. Her tail was wagging all day.

Jaclyn gives a Howl to Darilyn and Darcie for their help preparing for our Math & Literacy night.

Jaclyn gives a Howl to my Specials team, Ms. Phan, Ms. Tegrar and both Mr. Richardson and Mr. Swartz for being so supportive during while my dad has heart issues and surgery.

Jaclyn gives a Howl to Mrs. Whiddon for having the quietest 1st grade class week after week in the library.

Jaclyn gives a Howl to Mr. Castillo for his help in the library during a student melt down when other staff were already busy.

Jaclyn gives a Howl to Ana for her continued help with Reading Counts and CB issues.

Kathleen sends a howl to the office staff for making my birthday special!!Ashley gives a BIG howl to my 2nd grade team for being so helpful the last few months. You ladies are AWESOME! :)

Callie gives a howl to my team for sharing some great resources and being so supportive!

Becca wants to give a great big howl to all of the HBE staff for being so kind and understanding during such a difficult time.

Becca wants to give a great big howl to Pam, Erin, and Kelsey for an awesome 4th grade performance.

Ms. Nothcutt gives The administrators and office staff a howl for providing and ordering the food for testing teachers.

Ms. Nothcutt gives Kelsey Warren a howl for always having a wonderful smile and attitude every morning as she unloads the kids from the car line - not to mention holding up that stop sign to protect us teachers on the crosswalk! Love the happy " Good morning! "

Ms. Nothcutt gives my fourth grade team a howl for supporting the sticker fundraiser!

Ms. Nothcutt gives Carol a howl and thanks for always being for cheerful and positive every morning when we teachers walk through those front doors.

Ms. Nothcutt gives Ms. Kathleen a howl for helping me out with my attendance mistakes

Mark your Calendar

Monday, February 1st
  • Team Leader Meeting (3PM)

Tuesday,February 2nd

  • PLC's
  • CIR at Hackberry

Wednesday, February 3rd

  • RENSTAR TRAINING-(Swartz, Phan, Brodsky, Jones, Schroeder Out)

Thursday,February 4th

  • Richardson, Northcutt, Schroeder, Castillo @ Grapevine for Digital Learning

Friday, February 5th

  • 100th day of school

Lunch Coverage This Week

Monday-4th and 5th

Wednesday-Kinder and 3rd

Friday-1st and 2nd