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October 13, 2016

This email is sent weekly to provide important school information, LC tips, share ideas, and LC Support.


Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

I love this Ted Talks video. Rita Pierson gives a great view of how to make a difference in a child's life. At UTVA you are a vital team member in your kid's education. Together we can make that difference. Watch and enjoy HERE.
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Fall Break

There will be No School October 20 &21. Have a wonderful fall break!

Booster Club- Help Wanted for Halloween Party

You are invited to UTVA Booster Club meeting the first Wednesday of every month @ 3:00. The link is in your class connects list. Want to know more about the Booster Club? Please visit their website HERE. Want to join? Sign up HERE.

Become involved... Have fun...Join Booster Club!

Parents- if you would like to facilitate a game in the virtual Halloween party, please email

Booster Club Halloween Party- Online



Put on your Artist Hat

Get your pumpkin carving tools

We’re having a Pumpkin Carving Contest.

There will be some prizes for:

The Scariest, Cutest, Most Creative, & More

Come for games in our classrooms

More information click here

Event Date:

OCTOBER 26TH, 2016

AT 3:00pm

Watch your Class Connect for a link to the classroom

Pumpkin pictures are due


October School Outings Tomorrow- October 14th

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Fall Outings tomorrow. For complete information and to RSVP visit HERE.

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October School Events

Please visit the LC Website for information about October STEM and Literacy Events. RSVP
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Jenette Scott- Telescope Checkout

I just found out that Select Libraries in Salt Lake County are allowing patrons with library cards to check out telescopes. To find out how to check one out, they say to visit the link listed below and scroll down to the "GENERAL" header and click on, "How Do I Check Out A Telescope." Free Library Card Online

Have a Coach to Coach Tip?

What have you found that works well for you?

Learning Coach Spotlight

Kay Gates- Learning Coach Expert & Advanced Endorsement- LCU Graduate

My name Is Kay!

Let me begin with saying what a privilege it has become to be a Learning Coach Expert and for the Learning Coach Advanced Endorsement.

I have been a Learning Coach for five years and counting.

A little bit about me. I have five grand babies. Family is the utmost important part in my life.

I coach two of my grand babies. One who's been a UTVA student for five years. She has worked really hard with my structure and with that, she is on the Student Council. Then I have one who is in special education working on his third year. He has come a long way from where he used to be, due to mine and his teachers consistency. I couldn't be more proud of them.

A little bit about me with my experience as a Learning Coach and how I've grown to succeed these achievements.

I can tell you now my first year as a Learning Coach wasn't too easy. It was a new beginning, a potential challenge with falling in a good groove that would benefit not only me but my grand babies as well.

I came up with ideas and strategies to improve things. Do not give up! You can get through this. As each year goes on you learn new tips, ideas, new structures to help the provisions of not only you but the students as well.

LuAnn Charles goes the extra mile to help guide you through things. She sets you up for success. She has shown me the meaning of what it takes to be a huge part of our children's success through these Learning Coach Success Workshops.

I am here to help anyone who needs tips, guidance, ideas, structure to help balance out with what the difference is between coaching vs being the parent during your child's schools time.

It takes dedication, hard work, and devotion. But I guarantee you if you stick with this you will get to see the beauty behind how great our teachers, staff, counselors, principal, students and YOU really are. We make UTVA!

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Are you a Learning Coach University Graduate?

Earn your Learning Coach Expert certificate. Be sure to complete LCU recordings to learn about school email (not kmail anymore), navigating the MS and HS platform, Checking your student's progress, Utah Attendance Law and How to log attendance, School expectations, and Finding your student ID number. LCU is required for new Learning Coaches. Are you a returning Learning Coach? Complete new courses to earn your Advanced Endorsement certificate. Learning Coach University recordings

Send me your student or LC spotlight!

Let's get to know each other better. I would love to spotlight students and Learning Coaches each week. Send me a picture and a little about you.

I appreciate all you do as the Learning Coach! Thank you!

Have a wonderful day!

Picture taken in a spud cellar- which is now full of Idaho spuds!