Remi Stoetzer


This summer my boyfriend, Gavin, flew out for a month to spend summer with me. Me, Gavin, and my parents went to Austin for a long weekend which we had to cut it short because I got a kidney infection. That was fun... On the Fourth of July we had our traditional "crabaque" and watch the fireworks. Soon it was time for Gavin to go back home and for my sister's kids to arrive. I got my first car, a Chevy Sonic. The last week of summer I finally got to go to my modeling shoot. Summer of 2015 was definitely the best summer yet.

Me & My Family

I am the youngest of five. I have three sisters and one brother. I am also an aunt to three nieces and three nephews. I live with my mom and dad and my two dogs, Colt and Gator.

Education History

I have moved around a lot so I have went to school in Florida, Hawaii, California, Virginia, and now Texas. For my freshmen and sophomore year I went to Brooke Point, a bad highschool in VA, then junior year I transferred to Mountain View, a better highschool in VA. Soon after I started there I had to leave and come to Byron Nelson. Now I am a senior here. I plan on going to Johns Hopkins for college.

Interestes and Hobbies

For a few years I used to do competitive cheerleading, until I tore a ligament in my ankle and never got back to cheering. Now I do athletic training, I have been a trainer for four years and I never want to stop. I love to cook, my family and I love to have little cook offs to see who the best cook is, I usually am the winner. I am very obsessed with Christian Louboutin heels, I know everything there is to know about them. Today I own five pairs of those red bottom heels.