BHMS Monday Memo

September 19th, 2016


Tomorrow will be our first book study. I have assigned rooms to meet in tomorrow. Please be prompt. Discussion will begin at 7:10am. Because Drive was so popular, I have split the groups into two.

CLICK HERE for the meeting sites and discussion topics for tomorrow.


We have finished with our fluency portion of our testing. Please give the MCOMP and MCAP in your EPIC class. Please only give one test per day. We would like all tests administered, scored, and recorded on the AIMSweb spreadsheet by the end of the day Friday September 23rd. If you need extra time, please let me know.

Informal Evaluations

We will be focusing on different components for our informal observations. Our intention is to give focused feedback on specific components. Each month will have a focus, however, we may also provide feedback in other areas. Our intention is to focus on smaller bits of evidence to give better feedback in different areas, rather than trying to focus on all of domain 2 and 3.

Below is a list of the months and the components we will be focused on.

September- 2a

October- 2c

November- 3a

December 3b

January- 3c

The rest of the year will be determined based on our observations and evidence we collect.