My Plate

By: Taylor Rector

What is My Plate?

My Plate illustrates five food groups, which are the building block for a healthy diet.

Examples of Each food group

What Each Group Provides

Each food group provides something that out body needs. Fruits are a good source potassium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin C. Vegetables are good source of Potassium, dietary fiber, as well as, Vitamin A and C. Grains are a good source of Dietary Fiber and Vitamin B. Protein provides nutrients that are key for the maintenance of your body. Dairy Provides calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, and protein.

Combination Food

Combination Food means any single serving of food that contains 2 or more required meal components. EXAMPLES OF COMBINATION FOOD: Spaghetti contains, Meat, fruit and grains. Homemade Pizza is another example, it includes Meat, fruit, and grains.

Intake for the Day

Breakfast- 1 Sausage patty(1 serving), 1 cup of eggs (1 serving)

Lunch- Celery slices(2 serving) Peanut butter (1 serving) 22 pretzels (1 serving) Fruit strip (1 serving) Small Jello (1 serving)

Afternoon Snack- Little Debbie Camel Bar (1 serving)

Supper- Potato Soup (2 1/2 servings)