The Mark of Athena

Rick Riordan

Will Annabeth Find Athena's statue and will it let the Romans and the Greeks learn how to work together? Read to see!


As the seven half blood journey from California to Rome, Annabeth's mother, the goddess Athena, has turned her back on Annabeth. The only way to regain her trust is to find her statue the Athena Parthenos. Annabeth discovers she can only go alone and has to rescue the 40 foot statue by her self.


The story takes place in Rome were they have to find the statue. Everybody is hustling around for the afternoon. The story takes place in the present.


Final Reflection

2)1 was why did the Romans take Athena's statue because it took all her military strength away

2 was why Athena's children are deadly afraid of spiders and the reason was Athena lost in a weaving contest and turned the loser into a spider

3was why the Romans and Greeks could never get along with each other it was because Romans took the statue and the Greeks could never get over that fact.

3) My favorite part of the novel was when Annabeth was going to save the statue. That was my favorite part of the book because it showed in detail how she went on even though she had an injury. Also it showed how she used a past conversation to trick someone to let her get the statue.


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