BASEBALL - America's Pastime

What do we know about baseball?

sliding into home..HE'S SAFE! 3 strikes, you're out!....the first pitch... swing, batter batter batter, sawing!... peanuts & popcorn & cracker jacks

Maybe you started tossing baseballs to your dad or a friend in your backyard when you were three or four. You might have played t-ball or play in a league now - or play on your Wii. You have a favorite team you follow. You have been to Citifield or Fenway or Tiger Stadium. So, what do you think about when you hear the word baseball?

baseball brings out the best in us:

Let's face it, according to Hollywood, if you build a baseball stadium, "They will come." And you are never to old to play and play well. Not to mention that the team's best player may just be your best friend - and pet!
Hollywood has given us quite a few classic baseball movie moments - each with something to teach us about baseball and life.

The Sandlot

Psyching out the other team is all part of the game.
The Sandlot classic scene

The Bad News Bears

Yogi Bera was right: "It ain't over 'til it's over."
The Bad News Bears (8/9) Movie CLIP - Lupus Makes the Catch (1976) HD

The Natural

This movie gave viewers quite a few wisdoms to ponder. Among them: if you were born to play, well then, you were born to play. And, when a batter is in a slump, his best chance may just be a mysterious lady in white.
Movie Moment - The Natural (Lady in White)

A League of their own

Ladies are pretty good players too...but there's no crying in baseball.
Theres No Crying In Baseball

Angels in the Outfield

Sometimes, you just got to believe in the impossible. It helps to have a little hope and some heavenly help!
Angels In The Outfield(1994)