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Week of June 28, 2020

A Family that Prays Together Stays Together!

As a parents, among the best ways to teach our children about God is through prayer. And these prayers can only be modeled and taught through our family practices.

This week's readings reflect on our relationship with God and our family, two essential principles of our faith. The bible readings, video, and articles below highlight these values. Together with your family, use these resources to teach these examples. Also, the link below are fun, kid friendly activities specifically designed to reflect on the readings from this weekend's Mass. Enjoy!

Activities for Family

Mass Readings for June 28: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend's First Reading is taken from the second Book of Kings 4:8-11, 14-16a. The story of Elisha and the woman was a minor incident in the life of this prophet, who worked greater miracles, but it is narrated to show that God rewards those who are charitable to his friends.

The Second Reading is from the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 6:3-4, 8-11. St. Paul stresses that we are buried with Christ in baptism. We die with him to sin. Then we rise with him to a new life.

The Gospel is from St. Matthew 10:37-42. In the first part, Christ tells his representatives, his delegates the Apostles, and those who succeed them, that they must be prepared to undergo great sacrifices, even death itself, if called on to do so for the sake of Christ. For, example, Jesus tells us to love beyond our family, with the hope to open ourselves to the larger family and the Community. This is the context that forms the background to the words proclaimed by Jesus. Even though the Apostles had only a very vague idea then of what he meant, when the time came, they remembered his words and gladly suffered imprisonment, hardships, and finally martyrdom for Christ. This shows how the resurrection of Christ, and the descent of the Holy Spirit on them, changed them from worldly weaklings into fearless heroes.

The video below can help explain the Gospel's meaning to your children. Read the Gospel and watch the video together.

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, June 28

Translated in English and Spanish

Who should we love more, God or our Parents? - Matthew 10:37-42

Our Family Slogan

A Family That Prays Together Stays Together!

This phrase brings together our most important Catholic practices: the role of prayer as a family to show our love to God. But how did this slogan get started?

Back in 1947, before internet, social media, and television shows, news was broadcasted on radios and advertisements were displayed as signs on billboards. It was during this time that an Irish priest, Father Patrick Peyton, partnered with a New York radio show executive, to create this phrase from an original slogan of, "A World at Prayer is a World at Peace." As Father Peyton traveled throughout Latin America and the Philippines, he used this motto as a basis for his work through the organization, Family Rosary Crusade.

The photo to the right is Father Patrick Peyton, who is most accredited for the saying, "A Family that Prays Together, Stays Together." The photo below shows this slogan as it was displayed on billboards in the late 1940s.

Together with your family, read this brief article about Father Peyton and the start of this slogan.

Then, create a motto or slogan for your family, including prayer and God. Just as our windows displayed rainbows and teddy bears in recent months during the pandemic, color, decorate and hang your motto and picture in your windows to spread God's good will and family practice.

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News From Around the Parish

Caritas Corner

Stressors, fear, and anxiety associated with the pandemic can trigger abusive situations. While everyone’s situation is different, here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Create a Safety Plan This is a personal plan with ideas about how to stay safe while in an abusive relationship. These plans often include steps to take when leaving and how to stay safe afterward. In a crisis our brain doesn’t think clearly, and that is why planning in advance is so important.
  • Understand Options May Be Limited With the pandemic, options like staying with family, friends, or going to a shelter may be more complicated. Find out ahead of time who you could stay with to remain safe and check to see if there are any shelter restrictions.
  • Keep Everything Together Make sure you have all your important documents handy and that you know the address of your nearest police station. If possible, have some money on hand or a credit card, as well as a bag with some clothes, medications, and personal items. Keep your phone and keys nearby as well. You may need to grab these items quickly if you need to leave.
  • Stay in Touch With People It is important to build a support network of people you trust who can encourage and support you through this difficult time. Be careful what you share in case the person abusing you is monitoring your phone and online activity.
  • Practice Self Care Meditate, journal, walk, pray; do something that eases stress for you every day.
  • Reach Out For Help Contact the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential assistance from trained advocates. You can also their online chat option and their website ( provides a wealth of information.

Experiencing abuse during a global crisis is extremely difficult. Do not let fear of the virus keep you from staying safe. The most important thing is protecting yourself and your children- even if it means leaving home.

Uplift Video of the Week!

A Song of Unity

This brief video shines a light on hope and good in our world during these times of unrest.

Portland State University graduate, Madisen Hallberg, was filming the national anthem for her college's virtual commencement ceremony. As she was singing on the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland, a stranger walked by and joined her in song. Turns out, the stranger, named Onry, is an opera singer and musician. See what happens!

Inside the making of PSU's commencement national anthem

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