by Hanad mire

penguins interducion

penguins are animals that are adapted in the water. They eat krill fish and squids. penguins usually live in the south where they are more fish that they can eat. penguins can breath in the water for 75% of the water each day.And each day its drops to 40 negative degrees every day. ' _ ' - that is really cold
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there habitat

that there or two kinds of penguins, the white penguin, and the black penguin.They both live in the same place in Antarctica.But the black penguins in Antarctica are running away for no reason.And they eat fish but since they don't hold stuff with there flippers they have to use there mouth to feed there babies
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their prey and there predators

penguins prey are fish and krill because they eat it but most of its prey is in the south. but there are although of predators like skuas and other stuff. The reason why skuas are the penguins predators because they are really good at taking eggs then eating them when they die. And they reason penguins usually is because there in the water there more safe on land because in the water whales and other animals that can kill them.
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what the eat

Penguins diet is classified in small groups.There's a small penguin group,A Brush tail group, A great penguin group, A Banded penguin group,A yellow eyed group , And a crested group,and they all eat krill,fish and squid.
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