Kevin Garnett

By: Gavin Horton

What makes Kevin Garnett well known?

Kevin Garnett is a good basketball player. He plays for the celtics in the nba. His position is a center but he can also play as a forward and a small forward.

Why is Kevin Garnett successful?

Kevin Garnett can play 3 different positions. Those positions are the center, small forward and the power forward. Garnett is a star because he loves hard work, teamwork, and basketball. Another thing that helped him to be successful is he played so well that the timberwolves offered him $126 million.

Important things to garnett.

The park was important to Garnett because that's where he practiced at night. Kevin would sneak out in the middle of the night to go to a neiborhood park to practice. Concord Massachusetts is important to Kevin becaus that's where he met his wif, Brandi Padilla. Boston Garden is where Kevin plays basketball for the nba.

Facts about Kevin Garnett.

Kevin Garnett is 6"11 and plays for the Boston Celtics now. He used to play for the timberwolves. Kevin was the first basketball player in over 20 years to be drafted straight out of high school. At age 19 he was one of the best on the timberwolves 1995-1996 season.

Meet kevin Garnett

The life lesson of this flyer is if u practice it will get you better.

By: Ethan Edwards