Weekly Launch

March 19-23


PTA fundraiser made $17, 930 from the fair. It was definitely a successful fundraiser!

Don't forget to back up any important files, etc. from your desktop computer. They will be removing them on Monday, March 19th.

Please spend some time with your team talking about how you goal set with your students. We are working on what our campus expectations for goal setting will be next year.

Suzi and I are a little behind on visiting classrooms. We will be spending as much time as we can in classrooms in the coming weeks! We are excited to see all the wonderful things happening in your rooms!

Important Dates

March 19-Docking Stations will be deployed


March 20-Finalize Grades

3rd math collaboration-Bay PLC

PBIS team meeting


March 21-Faculty Meeting-STAAR training


March 22-Wear blue with jeans in honor of World Water Day

2nd math collaboration-ESC

Report cards go home


March 23-

March 24-Imagination Celebration

Character Corner

Word of the week-Open-minded

Word of the month-Fairness

Morning Announcements-Matthew

Big picture

Word of the Week-Distinguish

Compliment Corner

Melody Tanigawa and Sheila Garcia need a compliment because they are always so calm and have a smile on their face!-Julie Debaylo

Kristin Strawn needs a compliment because she stopped by after a faculty meeting and helped put up the Math Madness bulletin board.-Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie Hirsch needs a compliment because she organized a great Math Madness to encourage our students to get on Dreambox! Thanks so much!-Jen Buckels

Kelly Wagner needs a compliment because she stayed late after the faculty meeting and helped Sue Witt and I with the Math Madness bulletin board. She even made some very cute cards for the brackets!-Stephanie Hirsch

Suzi Saunders needs a compliment because she always makes us laugh by adding in her humorous comments. She listens to me and reminds me that everything will always be ok. I feel blessed to get to work with her and brainstorm with her often-Sandy Varner

Shout outs

-Shout out to:

-Joiner and Bourque for hosting a parent night on Monday! Parents loved it!

-PE department for a great Field Day

-Nancy Kramer for buying all the PALS snocones at field day

-Kona Ice for paying for the students who did not have money!