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There are some amazing things happening across our district! From engineering events to performances ready for Broadway, our students have some amazing opportunities. All of these experiences are ways to support our students in learning to think and problem solve. The video below describes creative thinking and its impact on learning. Creativity lets students connect on a personal level to our content. Allowing students to think creatively and make connections is why personalized learning is so important.

We Need a Bigger Definition of Creativity


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SAVE THE DATES - May 31st, June 1st, June 2nd, & June 3rd

We are super excited about Canvas Summer Camp 2016! This year camp will be a personalized learning experience for all of us. Campers will earn PD hours for the amount of time that they attend camp, but receive badges based on the skills for which they show competency through a performance task. Expert badges can also be earned by helping others with a skill or creating something that will help others back at school. Badges are optional, but we think that they are pretty cool!

Campers will be able to sign-up in Randa on May 2nd, but we are looking for counselors to sign-up now. As a Camp Counselor, you will not be "teaching" anything, but you will be helping campers collaborate with others, problem solve and figure out how to do what they need for their courses. You will also be showing campers how to utilize the help guides when they are stuck. If you are interested in being a Counselor/Facilitator for Canvas Summer Camp for all or part of the week, please fill out the following form:

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Learning Social



  • April 30- All of your Canvas Courses labeled Summer 14 and Summer 15 will be removed. Be sure to save any of this information in the Canvas Commons (
  • May 21- All of your current courses in Canvas will close (and will remain in your list as a concluded course).
  • May 23- New Summer 16 courses will be added to your Canvas Account. Canvas has been updated and will look different. Here is a video to highlight some of the updates-


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