In Case Of Accident

4 Steps

1 Step

Call Emergency

Report the accident and call to the emergency line 123.

2 Step

Safety Zone

The accident's area should be clear, the employee can't be move by anyone also but the paramedics.

3 Step

First Aid

The employee should recieve the first aid from paramedics.

4 Step

Trip to the Hospital

The employee should be take to the hospital, The Emergency Service can take care of the injured employee.

To Keep in Mind

  • You should verify that the injured employee is conscious.
  • You could ask questions relate to personal information or the body parts the accident migth affected.
  • If you know any first aid steps you can apply them to the employee and save him.
  • Always be calm and try to be very professional.
  • You can always give to the paramedics as much information you have about the accident you should be very specific and clear.