Team 13 News

Monday, May 9, 2016

Life Cycles Unit

The students are enjoying our life cycles unit---they have determined which samples were the eggs and which were the seeds, since the seeds sprouted within two days. The other eggs turned out to be triops eggs. See the link below.

We are taking daily observations and noticing the many changes of our larva. We have learned new words like: molting, exoskeleton, and mallow. We will continue to monitor our organisms daily. Shortly, students will begin researching an insect that interests them.

My First Triops

Dates To Remember...(an ever-growing list these days)

  • NO sign and return packets this week
  • Friday, May 13th, Sukki's Kimono skills checks
  • Monday, May 16th, new spelling list distributed, Around One Cactus
  • Wednesday, May 18th-Special Strings rehearsal at Penn Central 8:10 am-9:20
  • Wednesday, May 18th, Grade 3 Orchestra Performance 7:30 pm-8:30 Penn Central Middle School
  • Thursday, May 19th, Art Show/Water Ice Social 6:30
  • Monday, May 23rd, Grade 3 Talent Show Tryouts
  • Wednesday, May 25th Field Trip to The Museum of Natural Sciences--no late arrivals, the buses will be leaving promptly at 8:45
  • Friday, May 27th, Around One Cactus Reading/Spelling skills checks
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Thank you!

Race for Education was a huge success! Team 13 was very spirited. It was difficult for the parent selection committee to choose a "most spirited", however in the end, Cadence won from our class! Parents, thank you for all of your help and support with Seylar's Race For Education. Our Home and School is amazing, and their efforts and yours have raised over $20 000 for our students--astounding! Thank you! :)