Room 103 Newsletter


Dear Room 103 Families,

I hope you are all doing well. We have a busy month ahead of us. I feel like I say that every month, but February is filled with celebrations (Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, 100th day), as well as the next round of district assessments – so we’ll be cramming it in.

We just learned about the "at" word family. We talked about how the word "at" can help make up so many other words. I gave a few examples (cat, hat, sat) and then the kids helped me come up with some (mat, bat, splat). We spent a few moments noticing what was the same and different about each word, then they were off to practice writing words in the "at" word family. We will continue our work with the "at" word family all week. Learning word families is a great tool to start doing more conventional reading and writing!

Our Valentine’s Day celebration will be on Thursday 2/11. If your child is making cards, please make sure they have one for each classmate (below is a class checklist), and that your child writes the names of their classmates by themselves. Have your child bring their cards to school in a bag or manila envelope. I’ll have bags for the children to collect the cards they receive. Our Valentine’s Day celebration will just be a card exchange at the end of the day. We won’t actually be having a party.

Class checklist (I sent a hard copy home in the Communication Folder):

Aamarah__, Ally__, Angelo__, Brooklyn__, Isabelle__, Isamu__, Karen__, Kelsi__, Madaline__, Mateo__, Noah__, Olive__, Owen__, Richard__, Roan__, Salim__, Susana__, Zach__, Zachary__.

See you soon,

Miss Siobhan

*The kids started writing their own "How To" stories. Check out their covers below!

How To Stories

Things for your Calendar

Friday 1/28 - Return book bags and handwriting practice

Monday 2/1 - Monday Morning Reading

Monday 2/12 & 2/15 - No School