You're Dying Without A Dog

Having A Dog Might Just Save Your Life

How Many People Have Pets in General?

In America normally when you walk into a house hold they have some sort of pet either a dog, cat, fish, hamster etc. It is estimated that their are approximately 70-80 million dog and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.

Why Dogs Are Helpful To You

If you already own a pet you already know that the happiness and playfulness of a pet makes you're mood change in a instant, having a pet makes a home life better and just naturally increases that happiness in people. That is not it did you know that pets come with good physical and mental benefits. Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. One study showed that people with borderline hypertension adopted a dog from a shelter, and their blood pressure declined significantly within five months. Cuddling up with your furry friend will not only help with just mental issues but when you come to your body The American heart Association has linked the ownership of a pet can highly reduce the risk of heart disease. Having a dog is awesome because it can change youre unhealy lifestyle into a stable healthy life style. Just by walking you're dog daily your increasing you exercise, and having a dog provides companionship which adds years to your life.
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We Wonder Why People Don't Have Dogs

When it comes to owning a dog its all fun and games until they chew up your couch, pee on you carpet, even ruin your garden due to digging a whole in the backyard. Dog are loving caring animals that need attention too, and they take a lot of responsibility. Its like a babe with four legs. Many people don't realize it, but the cost is thousands of dollars a year. That includes food, the vet, shots, if the dog gets sick and many more serious health issues. Another con of owning a dog especially if you are looking t own a puppy, they need to be trained and that could take up to month, and even sometimes a lot of money if you wan't to get your pet professionally trained. There are not many cons to own a dog you just have to have the time and the energy to own a dog.

I Want What Is Only Best For You

From personal experience of owning a pet and recently loosing a pet, a dog will do nothing but make you a happier, and healthier human being. Dogs create this feeling in your heart which makes you feel warm and safe. There not just your best friend but their are many healthy pros to owning a dog. The way a dog can impact a persons life is incredible it makes a person fell themselves just knowing the thought that they have a furry cuddle buddy at home waiting for them.

Dog Are Best

Now that you know the pros and cons of having a dog and how getting a pet can change your unhealthy lifestyle into and active healthy lifestyle. Go get yourself a loving furry four legged friend that no matter what will always be by your side. In Americas society study shows that over 15% of the population is depressed or suffer from serious anxiety, we can change lower that incredible if people went out and got a pet. It is a lot of responsibility but your looking at mans best friend.