Weekly Newsletter

Boxes, boxes, boxes!!

Dear Parents,

Boxes, boxes, boxes, that all you hear when you come into our class. Texture boxes, sand boxes, robot boxes, boats houses and other things made up of boxes where the talk in PK 3.2. We enjoyed our imagination by creating new things and coming up with new ways in using boxes. Look at what we were up to this crazy week!

Building with Boxes

Story Time

On Monday we read a story called "It's not a Box" by Antoinette Portis. It allows children to get out of the box and imagine something completely new. I then asked them what type of box they would like to be. Ask your child what they answered.

Holiday Gift Shop

Dear Parents,

Next Friday December 5th PTA will be holding our annual Holiday Gift Shop in the High School Gymnasium. There will be a variety of arts and crafts as well as food that will be sold. It will be jammed packed with parents, staff members, and students so we would like to invite you all to take your child that day to shop around. PK is invited to go at 7:45 am and stay until you are done with your shopping. Remember your child has made a Christmas Craft so I advise you to go straight to our PK stand so you can purchase your child’s creation before hitting the other stands.

If your are unable to make it, please send your child with $5 just in case they see anything they would like to buy.

Kinder thru 5th grade will be presenting Christmas carols at the same time of the Holiday Gift Shop inside the Gymnasium so you can stay with your child to watch the shows. It will be a crazy and hectic morning for the kids as well as the teacher so if you wish to take your child home after your shopping in done, please let us know in advance.

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Mother's Day

For this special day, your child will paper you while you rest in a relaxing atmosphere. We ask you to send the following items by December 9th so we can have everything ready that day.

*large towel with your child's name

*Your favorite nail polish

See you all on December 10th!

Toys for Smile

Dear ISP Families,

This holiday season, our school will again host a “Toy-o-thon”, to benefit the Fundación Amigos del Niño con Leucemia y Cancer. This event will be instead of the classic gift exchange between our students. Fundación Amigos del Niño con Leucemia y Cancer (www.fanlyc.org) is an organization that covers the cost of cancer treatment for over 900 children all over Panama. Every December, they hold a Christmas party for these children and their families. They are in need of gifts for the children. We emphasize that the gifts must be good, since sadly, for some children this might be their last Christmas. Others have been through very hard and painful times; therefore FANLYC wants them to have a wonderful Christmas and a nice gift to remember.

We are asking for your participation by bringing an unwrapped gift appropriate for the age group

assigned to your child’s grade level. If your child is a boy, send a boy gift. If your child is a girl, send a girl gift.

The gift should be in the range of $15-20.

PK3/4= 4-6 years old

K= 6-8 years old

1st grade= 8-10 years old

2nd grade=10-12 years old

3rd grade= 12-14 years old

4th grade = 14-16 years old

5th grade= any age group

We are asking that donations be sent in as soon as possible. We will be collecting donations until

Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

Please help us help! We would like to build a huge “Toy Mountain” in the Elementary Office as a gift from

the ISP community to these brave children. The Student Representative Council will be delivering these gifts to the FANLYC house.

You can find more information at www.fanlyc.org.pa.

FANLYC calls people who help them “Little Stars” (Estrellitas) and they have a song that goes “Come

little star, like you I want to shine” So let’s all be “estrellitas”.