Tech-Bytes #1

Mandarin Immersion Magnet School


Strategies to Inspire Learning & Get the Most out of IWB

1) Convey Content with IWB!

Interactive White Boards allow learning content to be conveyed in many amazing ways. Shine a spotlight on a location of a map, chunk of text, or element of a problem to solve. Slide screen shade line-by-line to reveal text as you read, or highlight words with your finger. Reveal text or images later in a lesson. Magnify to draw attention to specific elements a lesson such as graphs, key words or images.

Dreambox Teacher Tools can be used in blended learning environment for small or whole-group Mathematics instruction and include lesson plan outlines.
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2) Search customizeable Notebook files!

By Grade Level, Subject, TX-TEKS or STAAR Readiness Resources!
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Join SMART Exchange Community!

Getting Started...

Smart Notebook software has such depth of capability that it may be overwhelming. The SMART Exchange helps you to quickly dive in with ready-to-use interactive lesson content. It is a huge searchable community with downloadable SMART notebook files. Once you create an account, you can search by subject area, grade, and by specific TX-TEKS or STAAR Readiness Standards to integrate directly into what you’re teaching. Preview files to see if you like them & download the good ones. You can adapt and tweek them once downloaded. [Majority are no cost]
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3) SMART Classrooms PD

SMART Ink Video Toolkit - Video 1: Introducing SMART Ink