Volcanic Eruptions

To describe pyroclastic material and lava

What is pyroclastic material?

Pyroclastic material is what felsic magma releases in like mafic magma felsic produces ash, rock fragments, it's not slow like mafic it moves and spreads fast, you don't even see the lava you just see smoke. This is made of Felsic magma that is made of feldspar and silicon that has a light color.

Types of pyroclastic materials

Some pyroclastic materials form when magma breaks into fragments during an eruption because of the rapidly expanding gases in the magma. Other pyroclastic material form when fragments of erupting lava cool and solidify as they fly through the air. There is seven types of Pyroclastic material they are volcanic dust, volcanic ash, lapilli, volcano bombs, and finally volcanic blocks.

Types of Pyroclastic Material

Types of Lava

Describe the three different types of lava

Mafic magma has three different types of lava they are called pahoehoe, Aa, and blocky lava. Pahoehoe is the less dangerous one since it has low viscosity it doesn't move fast. Aa lava is more viscous than pahoehoe lava and forms sharp volcanic rock when it cools. Blocky lava is the most viscous type of mafic lava and forms chunky volcanic rock when it cools.

Three Types of Volcanos

Describe the three different types of volcano

The three different types of volcanos are called shield volcanos, cinder cone volcanos, and composite volcanos. These volcanos are dangerous types of volcanos.