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Vol. 1 issue 3 Pat Parker, Editor

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District Sets Final Library Book Due Date as May 11, 2016

All students need to return their library books and other items by May 11, 2016. This is the date set by the District to begin clearing all student accounts. Classes will come at their regularly scheduled check-out time the week of May 9th. All students who have outstanding book fees or books not returned will be put on the HOLD list for report cards not sent home. We will be discussing the Gra-Mar summer reading list that will be given out before the close of school on May 25th. Also being highlighted will be the Nashville Public Library Summer Reading Program where students are able to read and earn prizes like free passes to the Wave Pool and Adventure Science Center. Many other fun prizes will be available to our students. We need to encourage them to participate in this exciting endeavor to promote continued reading practice. The old adage "Practice Makes Perfect" is very true. Readers are Leaders!!

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When things Get Flipped! Just Ask Questions

Sections have been moved in the LMC to make it easier for the students to find those

"comic books", well actually, Graphic Novels. The Graphic Novel has become one of the best circulating item in the library. Super heroes are doing amazing things that our students are loving to read. This year has seen an increase in this type of books for our students to check-out with hopes that other genres will catch on with them.

Movies have been placed in a space that gives better availability for students also. In doing this switching around, the fiction section will be expanded to allow fewer books on the individual shelves which will give students better access to the titles. These changes will highlight the revamped spaces. Be sure to look for the quotes and sayings placed in the fiction shelves that emphasize reading and books.

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Summer Check-Out Required for Teacher All-Star Laptops

All teachers who plan to use their laptops this summer need to bring their laptop to the LMC and let me re-check them out through the Inventory program per District instructions.

Anyone leaving the district must return the laptop in the box with all the cords and power supply. If you are moving to another school in the district, you still have to get the laptop re-checked out before leaving Gra-Mar for summer break.

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Book Requests and Suggestions Solicited! Now' s the Time.

If there are subjects that you would like to see with more library coverage, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Our LMC items are selected with curriculum support always in mind. Just send an email with your ideas or stop by and talk with me about what's needed to aid you in your classroom teaching units.

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Patricia Parker, Librarian for Gra-Mar Middle Prep 5/2016