The Good The Bad, And The Barbie

A Doll's History and Her Impact on Us

The National Treasure

The number one doll of America made her debut in 1959. Barbie was the doll of the century in the late 1900s, and she still is today. Every little girl had to have a Barbie, but the parents, on the other hand, not so much. The parents thought of Barbie as a show off, unrealistic doll. All the kids want to do is play. It took a while for Barbie to become a thing. It was not until the Christmas of 1959. Let this be a lesson to parents that do late Christmas shopping. Parents were forced to get Barbies for their daughters for Christmas because of the fact that there were no more dolls but Barbies. Parents much preferred a doll with no figure.
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This is the original first ever Barbie.

The Creater

In 1916, Ruth Mosko was born. As she grew up, she was never into toys or dolls. She was more of the artistic kind of person. Ruth loved learning new things. Without that passion she would not have not met her loved one, Izzy Elliot Handler. Izzy was not the attractive kind, but Ruth loved him for the way was. A couple years later, they got married and had two kids, Barbra and Kenneth (Ken).
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The Handler Family

You Can Be Anything You Want To Be

Barbie was created in 1959. She was made to give girls the impression that they could do anything. Her most famous collection was working barbie. Girls got to change their clothes, so that Barbie could act like the person that they want to be when they grow up.

Mattel Industries

Mattel is a company run by the Handler family and who also created Barbie. Mattel was in desperate need of a new product. Ruth had the idea in her head for a very long time, but was always too affirmed to say it. When she finally did, Mattel loved the idea of the product. Barbie had a hard time in the beginning selling, but as soon as she was selling, she was a huge hit.
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Mattel Log and Barbie Log

Barbie or The Clothes

Barbie is the number one doll in the world. Girls fall in love with the beautiful doll from day one. Although it's not just the doll, it's more of the clothes. It's a known fact that girls like the clothes more than the actual doll. The clothes of the doll give her life, which is what girls like. With the different clothes, girls are able to act out different happenings in everyday life.