Professional Profile

Ashley Rickard

Teaching Certificate


Newton County Teacher of the Year 2014

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In 2014, I had the incredible honor of being named Newton County Teacher of the Year. I was especially surprised to be chosen as the top teacher from all of our 23 schools because this was only my fifth year in the classroom. This experience has brought about so many opportunities to share strategies and best practices with other teachers in my system, and I am thankful for the tremendous support from our system and the community.

Governor Deal's Education Advisory Committee

In December 2014, I was notified by Governor Deal's office that I had been selected to represent my Congressional District on the Governor's Education Advisory Committee. I am the sole teacher representative from Georgia's 4th Congressional District, and I am humbled by the opportunity to represent thousands of other educators in my area. At our quarterly meetings, we discuss current legislation and its impact on our public school system. We are also able to voice our concerns about other education-related issues. As someone who has long been mesmerized by the logistics of local and state government, this has been a tremendous learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity.