Andrew Jackson

The Zero

Three Supporting Reasons

1. Trail of Tears: In the early 1800s President Jackson forced the Native Americans That had been settled for thousands of years, to pick up everything and move to Oklahoma. The supreme court found that this was unfair and not allowed but Jackson ignored and went ahead with his plan.

2. Killing the National Bank: The National Bank was built to keep to one currency in the U.S. Before the national bank states had there own kind of money witch made things very complicated when a person lived in a state and went to another state they would not be able to buy anything. Jackson just complicated the currency system for the whole U.S.

3. Ignoring the government: Andrew Jackson had the chance to stop the trail of tears because the national government found that it was unconstitutional. But Jackson did not care and did what he thought was best and went long and kicked the Natives out of there land. This was just a Bad move, it made Jackson look selfish.

Andrew Jackson fighting off the National Bank.

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