Middle Colony

Bailey Smith


  • Was founded in 1638, by Peter Minuit
  • Made economy with trade and profits
  • They were a proprietary government
  • The Delaware Indians were known as Lenape, but American colonist named them Delaware Indians
  • They had no specific religion
  • In 1890 many Delaware tribe members become Cherokee citizens

New York

  • Was founded in 1664 by Peter Minuit
  • The economy was mixed farming and selling furs
  • Their government started out proprietary and turned into royal
  • In 1664 the population was at 9,000 people
  • They had no established religion
  • In 1765 NYC hosted the first Colonial Congress

New Jersey

  • Founded in 1664 by Sir George Carteret
  • The economy was mostly mixed farming
  • Government was proprietary
  • The Native's that first settled here were the Paleo-Indians
  • They had no religion
  • In 1702 East and West Jersey combined into one colony


  • Was founded by William Penn in 1682
  • Economy was mixed farming and grew wheat
  • The government was proprietary
  • The population was about 700
  • Mostly Quakers moved here around 1682