Africa Problems


a dry land where there is no trees and it is happening in the middle of africa
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  • when there is a lot of people in a little area
  • it is happening in south america
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  • it is where you separate different race
  • it happens in south africa
  • it is a problem because the black don't get treated the same
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  • it is killing of just one type of race or gender or religion
  • tutsi and moderate those are two of the major tribes that got killed
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Civil Wars

  • civil war is when you have a war against yourself
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  • ebola and it was all over africa
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lack of education

with the lack of education they think that it is okay to kill just a pacific race because they want too. If they were more educated then they would know that it is stupid to do that. You don't see people around here killing people because they are mexica anymore.

rate of passage

it is where you have stages of life like from a kid to a teen to a man.


it is a language