Orange Revolution


VIDEO: Ukraine Protesters Urge General Strike, Demand President's Resignation


  • 1960 through 1980's Ukraine was subject to human rights protests

  • They finally began a shift to democratic gov
  • The government of Ukraine often used force to control protester
  • there were protest held over elections

  • some riots were peacefull athores not so much so

  • To sumerize, the above events aggravated the people, and then charges were put on Gov officials

History ?

After multiple disputes and hard ships Ukrain broke away from the soviet union they elected Leonid Kravchuk as their president who spoke of reforms but did not follow through and removed nuclear weapons developed it their territory to avoid war

· Elected leonid Kuchma (possiblly acused of murdering a reporter

· President dissolves parliament

- under charge legislators illegally “Switching Party’s”

· Next election was based purely on NATO over joining or not

· Orange coalition formed to oppose NATO

· Russia views Ukraine joining as a threat

· While the US was all for it

· They did not join NATO

· Russia sends in troops

· Germany and France tried to end the conflict with Russia through a treaty

· NATO special conditions contract half of Ukraine

" In a country where officials steal by percentage points of GDP, it was always going to be a struggle,"