By Dasha Macmillan

A little bit about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. Today they are known as Republic of Uzbekistan. They speak an Uzbek Language, which is a part of the Turkic Language. Between the times of 1924-1991 they were a part of the Soviet Union. On August 31st 1991 Uzbekistan got its independence. Uzbekistan has an area of 172,700 sq. mi. This country is the 56th largest country by its area and comes in 42nd for its population. They have a presidential government and right now their president is Islam Karimov. In this presentation you will learn about Uzbekistan's geography, travel, economy, social and ethnic groups, Religion, language, their flag,holidays, clothing and food, notable people, and history.

Uzbekistan Maps and Currency

The Flag,languge,and Religion of Uzbekistan

The flag of Uzbekistan officially became the state's flag on November 18th 1991. The flag represents the historical links with the states that were once in Uzbekistan's borders. There are 6 colors/symbols on the flag. One of the fist colors is blue, which means eternal sky and life-giving water, which represents or reflects the aspect of life. In symbolic language the color blue would represent goodness, wisdom, honesty, glory and loyalty. The color white on the flag symbolizes holy peace. Also it harmonizes the day and the light in the universe. The color green shows the renewal of nature. The red stripes symbolizes the power of life that flows through our bodies. On the flag the stars show a spiritual symbol for all nations. The Crescent Moon on the flag symbolizes youth within the Uzbek historical traditions. The main languge of Uzbekistan is the Uzbek languge. The religion of Uzbekistan is mostly muslim.


Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. It has an area of 72,700 sq. mi. Stretching from West to East, it is approximately 1,425 kilometers and 930 kilometers from East to West. The Caspian Sea is also located in this state. Uzbekistan is one of the two landlocked countries. The other one is Liechtenstein. Uzbekistan's climate has hot summers with cold winters. Summer temperatures can reach up to 104 degrees F. During the winter the temperatures usually average around 28 degrees F. The average rainfall for the country is between 100 and 200 mm , with rainfall, usually occurring during the winter and spring. This State is located between Amu Darya and Syr Darya Rivers. Also the slopes of the Tien Shan Mountains are located here. The State has a population of 28,394,180. The largest city in Uzbekistan is Tashkent , which is the capital city. Most people live in the capital because there is better infrastructure, public transportation, hospitals, schools, factories, markets, more resources. Safety is much more reliable in Tashkent.


To travel to the Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from DFW you would have to take a plane. It would cost $7,081 for a one way trip for one person, it would take about 10 and 45 minutes to get to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. When you get there the way of travel would probably be by foot, bicycles, public transportation, and cars.


Uzbekistan has a Presidential/Republic system. There is a current president, his name is Islam Karimov. The currency in Uzbekistan is called Uzbekistani som. Major exporting items from Uzbekistan is:gold,cotton, manufactures, and textiles. Their exporting partners are South Korea, Turkey, Japan,US, and Russia. For this State the GDP is $3,600. I would consider Uzbekistan a not wealthy country compared to the United States I made this first conclusion when I saw the GDP per capita for the US which is 50,00 this brought to my attention that we are a wealthier country.

Traditional holidays

Each year Uzbekistan celebrates 7 Holidays. They are: New year, International Women's Day, Navruz, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Teachers Day, and Constitution Day. New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January, on the 8th of March International Women's Day is celebrated, 21st of March is when Navruz is celebrated, Memorial Day is celebrated on the 9th of May, 1st of September is when Independence Day is celebrated, Teachers Day is celebrated on the 1st of October, and the last Holiday is celebrated on the 8th of December.


Uzbekistan has a Presidential/Republic government. Their current president is Islam Karimov. The law making body is the legislative branch. They have a limited Government, but they do have similar rights as we do in the United States. Uzbekistan used to be a part of the Soviet Union but then they split off and became their on Independent State in 1991. There is some controversy , that Uzbekistan should not have ever separated from the Soviet Union, but then others say it was the right thing to do to split away from the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan became a part of the United Nations on March 2nd 1992.

Social and Ethnic Groups

In Uzbekistan the biggest ethnic group is Uzbek with 80%, and the second is Russian with 5.5%. The literacy rate is 99%, both men and women are both educated equally and both have equal rights. The schools in Uzbekistan are government subsidized. One can conclude that education is both equal for both men and women. There is some religious conflicts in Uzbekistan, also some border conflicts over the land and water.

Recipe for Kovurma Palov- Ferghana Pilaff

2 1/4 lb of rice

500g mutton or beef

36 oz of carrots

4 onions

350g vegetable oil




Cayenne Pepper ( all to taste)

Heat oil until white smoke appear. Add sliced onions and sear in oil until reddish-brown. Cut meat into pieces and sauté with onions. After a few minutes put in carrot stripes and cook until golden. Add water, salt, spices and stew for 20-25 minutes. Add rice and more water, just 1-1.5cm above surface of rice. Cook uncovered until water evaporates. Cover and cook on low heat for 20-25 minutes.

Recipe by Uzbek National Cuisine.

Traditional Clothing

Uzbekistan's clothing is very colorful, bright, and comfortable.

History of Uzbekistan

The land of Uzbekistan was once owned by the Persian Empire, and was later conquered by Alexander the Great during the 4th Century B.C. Later during the 16th century the Republic of Uzbekistan was conquered by nomads who spoke a eastern Turkic language. Uzbekistan's land eventually was turned into the Russian Empire in the 19th century. In 1924 the land became the Republic of the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan eventually won back their freedom on August 31st 1991, and was officially known as the Republic of Uzbekistan. On the next day was nationally known as Independence Day.

Islam Karimov

Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov or also known as Islam Karimov is the first president of Uzbekistan. Islam has held his position since 1991. Karimov was born on January 30th 1938, and was placed in a orphanage at birth. Later Karimov would grow up to study economics and engineering. He became an official member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He won Uzbekistan's vote for being the country's first president with 86% of the vote. December 2007 Karimov won another term to be president. Some people opposed to the election, because they say that he can not be president for more than 2 terms. Karimov talked to them and they made an agreement that he could be president for a third term. Karimov married Natalia Petrovna Puchmi in 1960, and had 3 kids one named Rustam Karimov, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, and Gulnara Karimova.