The Victorian Era Research Project

By: Brandon J. Bent

Victorian Era Entertainment

During the Victorian Era of life (1837-1901), society didn’t did not have many of the modern technologies that are found in the world today. The people of the Victorian era of course had to find ways of entertainment during that time or insanity would ensue. The were many different ways of entertainment in the Victorian era, much of which are most likely very different from what society does today. Entertainment in the Victorian ranged from theater, to music, to sports. Each one of these activities in the Victorian will be extremely different from today’s society.

Victorian Sports

The Victorian Era was accountable for many of the sports that are found today. Sports such as tennis, golf, cricket, rowing, and forms of track and field were formed during this era. Cricket was one of the favorite pastimes during the Victorian Era. W. G. Grace became one of the best cricket players of all time during this era. The Wimbledon was also established during this time paving the way for the popularity of tennis today.

Victorian Music

For those who were not athletically inclined, music may been a better form of entertainment. Many Victorians enjoyed there music which ranged from amateur level all the way to proffessional. Most Victorians would rather make their own music rather than to see a live performance of someone else. This does not mean that amateur performances over ruled the professional level. Music in the Victorian Era was also linked to the religion. An example of this would be found in Handel's Messiah which was composed during this era.

Victorian Games

Children during the Victorian Era played many games that are variations of kids games played today. Society may have actually gotten ideas for childrens' games from this era. Some games from the Victorian are still played today such as Twenty Questions. Other games aren't as popular today such as Deerstalker. Deerstalker is a game where 2 children are blindfolded and one is deemed the stalker, the other the deer. The game proceeds with the stalker trying to catch the deer, but there must be no noise. Another popular game during the Victorian era was Blindman's Bluff. Blindman's Bluff required two kids; one is blindfolded, the other not. They hold the end of a stick and the blindfolded player must try and guess who the other is while the other tries to disguise their voice.

Victorian Dances

Dances during the Victorian Era were usually done later at night rather that during the day. Men and women were give cards with all the dances that they were going to be performing that night. The Cakewalk was a popular dances during this era that was in 2/4 time. The dance required high steps and leaning back. Another popular dance during this time was the Cotillion. This dance was a social dance and had varied moves and music. The Cotillion was often performed at the end of the dance.


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