Zermatt Matterhorn Ski Resort


Hotel Tascherhof

599.99 CHF=602.62 USD (6 nights)

Gornergrat train excursion

99.00 CHF=103.30 USD

Zermatt Resort Lift Ticket and Ski Rental

Zermatt lift ticket- 394.00 CHF=400.00 USD (5 days)

Ski Rental- 50.00 CHF=50.82 CHF

Zermatt Matterhorn Ski resort Gift Shop

Gift Shop- 22.22 CHF=22.58 USD

Air Zermatt Sight-Seeing and Airport Delivery to Bern

Sight-Seeing and Airport delivery to Bern- 120.00 CHF=121.94


I enjoy Skiing and the Zermatt Matterhorn Ski Resort happens to be one of the top ranked Ski resorts in the world.

Exchange Rate

1.00 CHF=1.02 USD


Switzerland has a great deal to offer: cultural diversity, multilingualism, stunning scenery and its people.

Currency differences

The balance of trade, falling prices on foreign goods balance is what affects the value of the US Dollar. Foreigners investing in the Swiss Franc has changed Switzerland economy and its CHF value. The USD and CHF are very close in value.