Setting Up A Home Network

What You Need To Know

Wired or Wireless

A wired network means you must stay at one point in your house to be able to access the internet otherwise you won't be able to cnnect, so it's not suitable for portable devices such as laptops. However, a wireless network allows you to access the internet from any point in your house. This means you can use the internet in any room in your home.

Bandwidth and Latency

The bandwidth and latency can affect the speed of your connection because if you don't have a large bandwidth, the data is transferred more slowly from the internet to your device, meaning that webpages will take longer to load onto your screen.

Communication Protocols

A protocol is a set of rules that computers use to communicate with one another.

IMAP is more suitable to access mail on devices such as a PDA as it is readable with limited access.

IMAP has folders for storing received and sent messages.

POP mail is delivered to a shared server, and a personal computer user periodically connects to the server and downloads all of the pending mail to the machine.

•Once delivered to the PC or Mac, the messages are typically deleted from the POP server.

IMAP can be accessed from different locations simultaneously and you can sync i.e. When an email is deleted or moved on one station it will be on another.

Outlook is both IMAP and POP, however POP has limited access to folders.

•An example of POP is Gmail.