Influences of Food Choices

by: Reagan Williams 2nd Period

The Foods I Eat

Physical needs: When eating food you need certain kinds of foods to stay alive. When eating foods like protein (meat), vegetables, fruit, and nuts, you'll get all the vitamins you need to survive. If you're like me and you don't eat nuts or veggies, you have to take vitamins so that you get all the nutrition in your body.

Physiological needs: When you look in the freezer at 10:30pm after a rough breakup and there is only ice cream and broccoli, most people would choose the ice cream over broccoli. You don't eat the ice cream because it is better for you (which it isn't) eat it to feel better. But when you are on a diet you should choose the broccoli over the ice cream because it is the healthier thing to do. When eating the broccoli, it might make you feel gross even though because it is a vegetable with a weird texture when really it is good for you.

Personal preference: People eat foods because they like how it taste, smells and looks. People eat brownies because it smells great while cooking, looks super yummy, and has an amazing taste. Most of the time if you have a personal preference, you are just "bored hungry" and you are just trying to fill you stomach with something that taste good.

The Foods I Eat

Food availability-If watermelon is out of season where you live, you cannot eat watermelon no matter how much you want to. It is like this with any type of food. When one kind food is not available to you, you would switch to another food that may be similar to the food you cant get to. Food availability plays a huge roll when in the store on a day-to-day basis, you have no choice but to choose the food that is there.

Social settings- When eating lunch with co-workers or with classmates at school there is always one or two types of food that most people eat. For example, most people at my lunch table eat salads or burgers, but I eat pasta. That makes me feel like I have to/want to be eating one of those things. If the people at my table weren't eating those things, I would feel no desire to eat them either.

Society & culture- Depending on where you live, society and culture are very important factors that make you choose what to eat or what not to eat. Some people aren't allowed to eat while the sun is u during a certain part of the year because of their culture. Some religions refrain you from eating cow. Some people aren't allowed to eat certain foods because of the places they live or the things they believe.