Procedures, Due Dates, and More

Broadway Bound 4 - 9 - July 5th


We hope you've been having a wonderful summer! The countdown is on and we're only 3 days away from welcoming you to our home at Rock Ridge High School. The Broadway Bound staff and interns met on July 3rd at Rock Ridge High School to prepare for day 1 of the program. We can't wait to meet all of the students this summer and spend two weeks with them doing what we love, musical theatre!

As a reminder, to reference previous newsletters you can visit our website HERE. Please read this email entirely. There is a lot of information we need you to know!


Did you miss the opportunity to sign-up for Before or After Care? There is still time! Final day to sign-up is July 7th.

Each day of camp starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. The doors to the camp will not be opened until 9am to accommodate our staff meetings. However, we have had several requests to start a Before Care Program and After Care Program. The before care and after care will be monitored by 1 adult staff member and our 2 High School Interns. The program will not be additional theatre related experiences, rather popular movies will be shown as students wait for the day to start, or to be picked up. As a reminder, it is $15 for every 15 minutes you are late for picking up your child. However, we are now offering before and after care.

Before Care Two Weeks: 8:30 - 9:00 - Monday - Friday - $60

After Care Two Weeks: 4pm - 5pm - Monday - Friday - $120

BOTH Before/After Care Two Weeks: $150

We cannot enroll your child in just one day of before/after care. Your child must be registered for the full session


We're working hard to stream-line sign-in on DAY 1. Sign-In will begin promptly at 9am. We do not open the doors early for any students or parents.

Day 1 Sign-In Procedures:

1. Enter the building through Entrance A-3, not the lobby of the school. You will see Balloons, Staff, Interns, and bubbles!

2. Sign-in your child via our automated system and then say goodbye!

3. Your Child will then navigate through the rest of the registration process where they will receive their script, a water bottle, a name-tag, meet their counselors, and their classes.

We are hoping this will stream-line the process for you. Please keep in mind, this is ONLY for day 1. Day 1 Sign-In typically lasts until about 9:30.

DAY 2 - 10 Sign-In Procedures:

1. Pull up to the front of the building where you'll be greeted by Staff.

2. They will open your doors.

3. The campers will jump out and head to their homerooms.

4. You can pull away with peace of mind.


Express Vs. Regular


1. Pull up the Red Tent where you will be greeted by Staff and Interns.

2. Provide them the numbers of the children you are picking up.

3. Pull around the bus loop where you will meet your campers and you're all set.



1. Park your car

2. Enter the Building

3. Sign-Out


RRPA is excited to offer spirit buttons this year to honor your camper. We began offering spirit buttons this year for all our shows and they have been a big hit with the parents. Spirit buttons are a great way to show your pride in your child and make a wonderful keepsake from their RRPA camp experience. Photos will be taken the first day of camp. The spirit buttons will be available at pick up time the Thursday before opening night and also throughout the weekend at the ticket table. Please see the following link for ordering and pricing information. If you have any questions please email Katie McDaniel at

To order your spirit buttons CLICK HERE


Star Pages are great way to celebrate your child's success in the playbill! Your star page can be a design of your choosing, or something our staff designs for your child. The Star Page due date is July 10th. We wanted you to have the chance to start thinking about your child's star page now!

An example of the Star Pages is on the right.

To submit your star page request CLICK HERE.


Each day, students are given a sticker if they receive no disciplinary action. After 5 Stickers they will receive an "Mulan, Jr" bracelet. After 8 Stickers, students will receive their "Mulan, Jr." Button. We are encouraging positive behavior from all campers for the two weeks.


Mulan Jr. Callback List

If you got a callback:

Students who are called back for a second audition are being considered for larger speaking roles in the production. This audition will happen on the first day of camp. Songs for the audition will be taught at callbacks but it is recommended that students with a callback become familiar with the Mulan Jr. soundtrack found on youtube at this link:

If you did not get a callback:

Even if a student is not called back, they will be cast in the production. There are a variety of speaking roles and featured characters, and it is our desire to provide every camper with their moment to shine on stage whether it is through a solo in a song, a featured dance moment, or an acting moment. These campers will have the opportunity to watch part of callbacks in order to learn the process. They will also participate in an audition workshop to continue improving their audition skills.


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