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August 31, 2020

A Note from Mrs. Palmer

I know that, amid all the uncertainty and fear right now, it's overwhelming to think about all the responsiblility that comes with a new school year. But we all could use a little extra help at the moment, so here are some tips to help you get through this first month or two as the education system adjusts.

- The first thing I want to tell you is to find a quiet moment and take three slow, deep breaths. Remind yourself that although we are experiencing perhaps the greatest challenge since WWII, everything is going to work out. It's easy to get overwhelmed with panic, frustration, and anxiety, but you have to maintain a level of calm and certanity for your child.

- Be patient with school officials during this period of reopening the school. School officials are working diligently to ensure that kids are protected.

- Finally, reach out to your child's teacher or administration if you have questions about instruction and/or the health/safety guidelines. Communication is very important.

I have attached a link to the Reopening of Schools Parent and Student Handbook. The first section is a letter from me and a summary of our reopening health and safety guidelines. This is followed by a more detailed handbook with information about instruction, school programs, meal costs/policies, and much more. Please take time to go through the school handbook.


I will highlight several reopening policies each week:

- Staying home if sick:

Students must stay home if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19. It is important that each parent do a “health” check on their child before sending them to school. If any student comes to school and Covid-19 Symptoms are noticed, the school nurse will contact the parent.

Here is the health check list:


Isolation and discharge protocols for students who may become ill during the day:

A specific room near the nurse’s clinic will be available for students with COVID-19 symptoms. This room will be supervised by an adult. The parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the child within an hour of a phone call. The child will need to stay home the next school day. The child must be fever free for 24 hours without taking medicine. Admin will follow up with a phone call to the parent to check-in on the student.

Kind regards,

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer, Principal

2020-2021 School Supply List


This is thesupply list for students returning to the school building.

Bus Transportation Form

If you chose bus transportation, the bus will pick up/drop off your child at your home address unless you complete this form for alternate pick-up/drop off. Due to the limited space on the bus and the importance of having consistency, your child must be picked up and dropped off at the same locations for all the days that they are coming to school. Only complete this form if you are using an alternate address. Complete ASAP and drop off at the school office as soon as possible.


Bus Transportation/Changes

Due to limited seating on buses this year (social distancing), we will not be able to take requests for students to go from being picked up to riding the bus. Also we are not able to have a student take friends home on the bus. There are strict seating arrangements to comply with proper distancing of students.

Immunizations/ Physicals Update

For our young students (Pre-K/Kindergarten) entering the building... All immunizations must be up to date before starting school on September 10, 2020. Please see Nurse Sandy if you have any questions.

Any new student (PreK- 5), that is new to RCPS must have an updated physical on file. This does not matter if they are HLA or physically present in school.

Device Deployment- CHANGE IN DATES

We have moved up the device deployment dates so that students can get their device earlier. This way they may practice with it. Device deployment is Sept. 3 and 4th. Open the flyer below to get more details.


No child will receive their device (iPad/Chromebook) without having a parent sign the release form. The device release form is below, if you want to print it out, read, and sign before Sept. 3/4TH.


Meal Distribution

Meals will be distributed for students Monday and Thursdays 3:00-5:30 in the EES Alley by the loading dock. This will begin Sept. 10th. The link below takes you to a form that you would need to complete so that we have an idea of how many meals to prepare. This form will also be mailed with the Free/Reduced Meal booklett. These forms can be returned to school at anytime by dropping them off or bringing Sept. 8/9 when devices are deployed.


Kindergarten Students

Send in Proof of Residency, birth certificate, and/or completed physical form before Sept. 10th. You child may not begin school until we have these forms on file. Call the school at 298-1511, if you have any questions. This applies to all kindergarten students, whether virtual or face to face.

Daily Schedule for the Blended and HLA Platforms


All students are expected to participate in the schedule above. School virtually, is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Teachers will also provide some independent work on Wednesdays.

Emotional Well Being Survey

EES is seeking information about the emotional well-being of your child so that we can be a resource for you and your child. Feel free to complete the survey. Information will go to our school counselor, Mrs. Hepner.


Lots of helpful information on the RCPS Webpage.

Link to the RCPS Homepage for Parent Information

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