Parent Pickup and Dropoff Info

Longbranch 17.18

First Day vs. Subsequent Days

Please, please, please have your child go home on day 1 exactly as they would go home every other day during the year. This significantly cuts back on the confusion with an already very confusing day for children and adults. This is not mandated, but highly recommended.

In General

You are WELCOME to drop your children off at school each morning by 8:40am. After 8:40am, they will be considered tardy and you will need to park in the front lot, walk them in, and sign in. Late arrivals do count toward perfect attendance and/or parent notes.

Children may be picked up from school by a parent or other designee. Parents are admitted to the cafeteria at 3:35pm via the side Children Inc. entrance. All pickups occur in the school's cafeteria. Students are signed out of school, parents are not signed in to the cafeteria. This means the signing for each child occurs when the child is in your custody.

AM Kindergarten Dropoff: Occurs as above.
PM Kindergarten Pickup: Occurs as above.

AM Kindergarten Pickup: Occurs in the main lobby. Enter the front bank of doors at 12:00pm.
PM Kindergarten Dropoff: Occurs as above. Doors open at 12:25pm.


PARENT DROPOFF is a one lane endeavor. These cones signal you to not pass, even if the line is moving slowly. When the volume of people increases, the line lengthens. Please plan accordingly. Passing cars in this lane is not safe for our children or families.

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AM KINDER PICKUP: Please park in the lot and enter the front 6 doors to the left of the office entrance no earlier than 11:55am. You will wait in the front vestibule and sign out with a member of our office staff when the children are delivered to you by their paraeducators.

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This is a your parking area to pick up your child. The parking lot. If it is full when you arrive, please park at Cooper and walk over to Longbranch for pickup.

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Please also be reminded that there are big yellow limousines (aka school buses) that visit your neighborhoods daily that are at your service for transportation. We know that some schedules and demeanors to not mesh with this mode of transportation but we encourage as many of you as possible to use school buses for transport.

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