Kindergarten News

Week Of January 19th

Highlights from last week....

What a wonderful week of learning!

This week we were not only busy learning, but also it was a week of assessing. We have tested your children and now have their new reading levels. Most of our friends are really moving. We will send home your child's level with their behavior chart this week. Your child should be at a level C right now. If they are not quite there, we will be working with them individually to get them as high as they can go. If your child is beyond a level C, we will be working with them to push them to their highest level. Please continue to practice sight words and reading with them at night. The books that we are sending home will be a level below their reading level at school. This is because at school, their level is "instructional", which is the level we use to help them move forward. The level below is their independent level so that they should be able to read these books by themselves or with little assistance. We hope this makes sense.

In Math, we finished our math assessment on length, height, and volume. Your children did well. We moved onto the second half of the module and we compared if there was enough.

In Science, we continued to study simple machines.

In Social Studies, we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

In our Second Step program, we continued to learn about our own feelings.

We read several non fiction books about simple machines and talked about the components of non fiction books.

We also had a visit from Officer Phil. The kids LOVED his magic tricks and puppets. During the performance they learned about safety. Please see some photos below.

A peek at our learning this week....

This week we will be moving our groups around based on our reading levels and needs.

In Phonics, we will be learning to tap out words and spell words based on their sounds.

In Reader's Workshop, we will continue with the strategy of using multiple clues when we come to a tricky word. A strategy that good readers use is to think about what we read. When we sound out the letters in the word and the word we say doesn't make sense or sound right, we will learn that we need to stop and do some reading work. We need to ask ourselves, "Does that make sense?", "Does that sound right?" and "Do the letters match?" Because this is a newly introduced skill, we will be working on this skill for a few weeks before we can move on. If your child masters this skill before we move on, we will work with them independently to challenge them at their level.

In Math, we will continue to compare using words more, less, fewer, same as and equal. We will also complete our second round of MAP testing to check our progress.

In Science, we will be studying simple machines.

In Social Studies, we will learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and diversity. We will read several books on Martin Luther King Jr and diversity. We will read The Box of Crayons that Talked and try to retell the story by acting it out.

In our Second Step program, we will continue to learn about our own feelings.

We will read several non fiction books about simple machines and talk about the components of non fiction books.

More information

Book orders will be going home this week. The orders are due on the January 22nd.

**Winter Clothes**

Please put your names on all winter things. If something comes home that is not yours please send it back right away. We are missing a few snow pants!

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes and paper towels. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!