Viking Book Club

All students are welcome!

What is the Viking Book Club?

It's an opportunity for students who LOVE books or WANT to LOVE books to come together in a casual atmosphere. We meet twice a month for an hour. We have a mixture of all three grade levels, both boys and girls.

What do we do in Viking Book Club?

We have fun with books! We play games, create things, or just discuss. We share ideas for good books. Sometimes we read from a list of books we choose, but other times we read whatever we are interested in at the time!
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Book Club members who are interested try out for our Matchbook Competition team. It is very competitive, and last year we proudly brought home a trophy for DMS!

How can you join?

When school starts, we will advertise our meeting dates very well! You just need permission from your parents to attend. Hope to see you at Viking Book Club!